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  1. Hands down for me....cetaphil is a gift from above...
  2. lol.....I think what promotes the acne would be the milk drank with the whey..... A friend of mine drinks it with water....and seems to have no problem with it
  3. Good Grief.....I'm post-accutane for 3 months now and my skin's pretty clear (knocks on wood) and I'm hitting the gym.... my trainer now advised me to take whey protein as a supplement AND THE GREAT QUESTION IS.... Could whey protein cause acne??? I'm so freakin paranoid after hearing certain rumors on breakouts connected with protein shakes. I HATE TO HAVE ANOTHER BREAKOUT AFTER 6 months of accutane!!!!!
  4. lol......i'm a guy and yes.....after accutane...it seemed my face looked whiter than my body ( Add to the fact the I am mixed asian)...lol....I'm already fair to begin with imagine making my face WHITER.....Its either too red or too white... AND yes....i share my sympathies with the pictures....In pics my face looks like it was pasted on a different body... My solution was to go for a tan....afterwhich....I used a self tanner for the face.
  5. YES....hands down....water=good skin
  6. Wow...and I thought I was the only one who was wondering about taking multivitamins.... basically ever since I knew about the iodine issue I stopped taking centrum too.....lol....my aunt who's a doctor actually doesn't believe in vitamin supplements...she said that if you have a well balanced diet and eat fruits....you really don't need it The only vitamin I take is VITAMIN C.....
  7. I have these very small whiteheads which are exactly pinpoint in size....They're rather small to be extracted manually nor be pricked by a lancet..... I have about 4 scatter randomly on my face... They are rather frustrating and I dunno what topical to use....would bp work? Thanks
  8. I'm going swimming....and I dunno if the nivea sun sprays can be used on the face without breaking me out? Anyone who used these already? Thanks guys
  9. use a retinoid ( retin-a, differin..etc)
  10. well based on experience about 2 years ago.....I had terrible acne back then....the pool dried up my zits... I think the same philosophy goes with swimming on the beach Just remember to shower after a swim to remove the chlorine.
  11. and i thought I was the only one like this.... lol I check the mirror like every minute.... I HATE ACNE
  12. Anyone use the Vitamin C line of THE BODY SHOP? Are these known to be comedogenic or cause/aggravate acne??? It does not say.... Just wondering before I buy.
  13. 1. Dont expect immediate results....and yes....wait for the initial breakout....but after that you're on your way to CLEAR skin 2. expect to have facial redness....and do not go in the sun....i'm telling you from personal experience 3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize 4. Scratching your face might not be a good idea ( you wound easily).......mild gentle strokes would do 5. ALWAYS HAVE LIP BALM. GOODLUCK!
  14. Thanks for the reply guys. However, while on tane, my derm told me to wash 3 times a day....well i'm off now.... I have washed my face 3 times a day with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for a month already...and my skin is not that dry "YET"...nor irritated.....but I'm just worried that it might get oily. Could overwashing cause oily skin? ( geesh, i'm paranoid)
  15. I'm washing my face 3 times a day......most say that 2 times a day is the most appropriate.... However, I live in the philippines ( VERY HOT ) and sweating is a daily part of life here...lol I wash in the morning before going to school then I wash when I go home from school ( Its this time I feel so sticky and yucky from all the sweat) And lastly at night before going to bed. I'm off accutane already and my skin's not that oily anymore.... I was just wondering if its ok for me top wash 3