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  1. She stated she is a VEGETARIAN. We do not eat fish ( or take fish oil ). And flax is omega three mainly. I take a blend of flax,borage and EPO, and I noticed definate health benefits. My body doesnt seem to have a problem converting it. I take a couple spoonfuls of the blend 2x daily, honestly I dont measure it out. I love it, it really makes me feel good.
  2. I'm starting to take flaxseed for health benefits, not because of acne or anything. I have the actual flaxseeds that have already been grinded and have been added two tablespoons to my smoothies in the morning. I read through some of the topics on this site, a lot of people said it's not really effective. How much should I take to supplement my vegetarian diet?? Oh and by the way I'm a girl.
  3. Fluorescent lights are horrible I don't know why but they bring up every flaw on your skin. My skin looks fine in every other type of lighting but fluorescent lights make me look horrible!!! They bring out the darkness under my eyes and everything!! I aslo have to agree that changing room mirrors/lighting are terrible, you'd think they'd invest in better lighting to make people want to buy their clothes more.
  4. interesting... so can you not cover up a blemish with foundation??
  5. What's the difference between foundation and a concealer, it's sad that I don't know this because I'm a chick haha but I never wear make-up I just have a few clogged pores and I always thought that make up would make them worse.
  6. I just leave mine on overnight after I wash my face, I also mix some tea tree oil into it. Works pretty good for me.
  7. Can anyone recommend me a good facial mask that helps unclog pores?? I'd like to hear your experiences and what worked for you. I've been doing the oatmeal, milk and honey mask for a little while and it works pretty good but I still have clogged pores on my forehaed I'm also kind of interested in store bought masks because lately I've been getting lazy and don't feel like mixing everything together but I don't know what to get.
  8. Eat a lot of avacodas they've got a lot of calories but they're also really good for you and tasty Yeah and I think working out would help you gain back some weight not to mention you would get a hot body too. Oh wait sorry I didn't read your last post apparently the working out doesn't work with you (haha), have you considered trying tea tree oil instead of BP??? It works really good for me if dilluted with jojoba oil. But then again you probably wouldn't like the smell. not very many peo
  9. I'm on ortho tri cyclen and it works pretty well keeping you regular and light. I remember I took Alesse and I had breakthough bleeding and heavy periods, it also made me break out! Don't ever take that. I'm not sure how much ortho tri cyclen helps with my face it's about the same when I started taking it. At least it didn't make me break out or anything though.
  10. I wouldn't have even known what to search for I was just browsing through the posts because I was looking for natural cures for acne. Now that I've read this one I can search other topics about green tea and acne and fun stuff like that. So this thread helped me out a lot.
  11. I'm going to have to take a guess and say only douchewads would even use that word. You are nothing but a cynical troll on this forum and take pleasure in constantly criticizing those who post here. You need to find a new hobby... You got me pegged. I'm going to get cynical when people come here and start posts that have been posted already hundreds of times. Douchewads is awesome FTW. I hope you don't belong to the group that thinks it's real cool to re-hash stuff all day on here.
  12. maybe oatbran would be better? This mask works really good for me, I don't really have huge black heads but if you look closely they're there. I also add a little bit of lemon juice to my mask.
  13. worked for me, I also used oatmeal though
  14. your penis will hate you for this, seriously though by denying yourself from any sexual pleasure your life will still be ruled by sex just in a different way. I say whack ever once in awhile and find a happy balance