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  1. Alpha Hydrox is a very popular brand and can be easily found around the world you can get it at walmart or walgreens but make sure you wear a sunscreen as it increases sensitivity also AHA can burn when starting out if it continues dont use it anymore
  2. its because you sleep on that side rest your hand on that side or just touch/irritate (ie hand/hair etc) your face on that side dont pick it dont touch it and start treating it you can get started here http://www.acne.org/regimen.html the longer you wait the worse itll be
  3. I dont think so. Those are required elements that we need daily. The only possibility I could think of is excreting excess vitamins& minerals in the bathroom
  4. i no longer use DKR but from the pictures of the new white id have to agree with the eryka and trongie
  5. red marks go away with time but you do need to treat them some people use mandelic acid , alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acids as an OTC product i would ask the doctor for tretinoin as its an inflammatory anti acne cream that helps with red marks (try .05% or .1 % because .025 % usually is ineffective) with an adequate moisturer following application good luck also about the post above beware of zinc poisoning
  6. dont pop your pimples sure they give a short term relief but it will bite you in the butt as scars and more acne form in the long run
  7. dont know what it is but it looked similar to what i had when i was a small kid use some epsons medical salt + hot water and put your eye over it as the steam comes up (take caution it does get hot) however i would highly recommend seeing a doctor for that i dont think any of us are licensed MDs
  8. a quick estimate can be found here on the amount of BP http://www.acne.org/finger.html also you might want to take a quick read of this http://www.acne.org/regimen-biggest-mistakes.html
  9. according to your join date you recently started DKR? I would highly recommend you to strictly follow the regimen for the best results and determining if the regimen is for you or not because if you look in the mirror a few months later and say "i dont see much improvement or any improvement" you can have yourself to blame for not following the regimen (also it could be the regimen is not for you) again i would highly encourage you to follow the regimen as is good luck edit- also you might
  10. the half life of bp really really really long if you live in normal temperatures i would highly encourage you to use the DKR in 12 hour increments to maximize the benefits of the regimen (6 AM ~ 6PM in your case) in my opinion wearing bp before working out sucks big time when i used to wrestled and sweat the bp makes you feel nasty due to the combination with sweat and if it got in your eye itll sting pretty bad but to answer your question sweating off your bp will minimize the effectiveness
  11. to be honest red marks fading varies people to people (I had redmarks that stayed for a month and redmarks that stayed for a year) bp elongates red marks! however you are using AHA which is very good component to speed up healing. your looking around 1 month to a year depending one the severeness if your redmarks dont get frustrated patience is the key to treating acne and redmarks
  12. what you think is dry is not necessarily dry
  13. well the typical time really varies but you know what they say "Haste makes waste" so i would recommend you waiting 20-25 minutes before applying the moisturizer usually extreme dryness does not subside! if you are experiencing extreme dryness play around with the amount of BP you are applying or find an adequate moisturizer to accompany your needs the need for jojoba oil might not be a good idea as im assuming you just started the regimen and youll need to lay down the foundation for cleansin
  14. you might want to check out emu oil or jojoba oil all found at your local GNC but beware if your unlucky like most of us you might have an initial break out!
  15. ahh i see! thank you for the quick replies~! i look forward in using "trenioin" Retin-A hopefully i wont flake too bad also my doctor told me to only use it for 3 months and if it doesnt help come back and he'll prescribe something stronger?? but from what I read from the replies I wont see results until after 3 months?