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  1. I'm having the same reaction - splotchiness, itchiness, redness, patches of rashy skin (from the 1st batch w/ the new packaging) - I just ordered 4 bottles of Paula's Choice bp via express shipping, going back to it even if it's more $$ (I do like the consistency of Dan's bp gel better though and the old stuff worked just as well as PC). I called to make sure they haven't changed the formulation :D Glad I came to the message boards to surf today bec I couldn't figure out what it was that was freaking out my skin!

  2. This has been the only regimen that has ever worked for me. I used Murad but my skin texture was still awful and SO oily and those brown spots from healing zits would not go away for months! I have also used Retin A and I got tired of getting Rx's for it. and my skin texture was still horrid! What I use right now has cleared my skin and I only get several small zits that go away quickly during my period whereas before I had major breakouts during my time of the month. I have been breaking out since I was 13 (23 now), I almost gave up hope of clear skin!

    Past Condition of Skin: Super oily, rough texture, blackheads, PMS and stress breakouts (moderate acne, no cystic ones that leave pit scars), hyperpigmentation from old zits would last for months and months (my skin marks easily :-( )

    Current Condition of Skin: Smooth texture, only get several inconsequential PMS zits (hyperpigmentation from these zits last at most a month), 85% reduction of blackheads; the BHA helps w/ blackheads and AHA helps w/ hyperpigmentation

    Regimen: All are Paula's Choice products unless noted (www.paulaschoice.com- she has me for a lifetime customer)


    -Normal to Combo/Oily One Step facial cleanser

    -AHA 8%

    -Regular Blemish Fighting Solution (Dan's BP amount- I use about a finger and a half all over face)

    - Sunscreen


    -Normal to Combo/Oily One Step facial cleanser

    -BHA 1% lotion

    -Regular Blemish Fighting Solution (same amount as in AM)

    -Completely Non-Greasy Moisturizer

    Once, twice a week depending on how oily my skin is due to the weather, I use the oil absorbing mask. And when I wear make-up, I use the final touch toner after the cleanser. I also apply these products gently, barely depressing my skin. I never ever touch my face unless it's time for my skin routine (I don't let anything touch my face period).

    Yes, this is all complicated but if you're like me, oftentimes you wouldn't go out bec ppl would stare at your horrible skin, this effort is well worth it.

    NOTE: I do not have sensitive skin. This regimen would be too harsh for someone w/ sensitive skin.

    Since the weather has made my skin condition normal and only my nose is oily, I just put the mask on my nose nowadays and use Bath & Body's Pumpkin mask once a week to make my skin softer. I never thought I would say this but my skin is clear!!! This regimen will of course not work for everyone but for those who are looking to try something, this might be an option.

    BTW, I have been on this regimen for more than 4 mths now.

    Additional notes...

    If I wear makeup (I do not use foundation) I make sure that the facial cleanser is on my skin for at least a minute for it to effectively get into pores and clean 'em. And also, I make sure the AHA and BHA and BP are well absorbed by my skin before moving on to the next product (I wait about 5 mins btwn each product, except for facial cleanser). I never ever rub my face w/ a washcloth and I change my towels and pillowcases regularly.

    Also, I eat everything I want, I don't have a certain diet. I take a multi-vitamin everyday and I try to work out regularly- tennis at least once a week and random little stuff like taking the stairs to my floor where I work at, etc so not really too vigorous. This is just background info as I have read some ppl's skin being affected by diet and exercise.