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  1. I'm having the same reaction - splotchiness, itchiness, redness, patches of rashy skin (from the 1st batch w/ the new packaging) - I just ordered 4 bottles of Paula's Choice bp via express shipping, going back to it even if it's more $$ (I do like the consistency of Dan's bp gel better though and the old stuff worked just as well as PC). I called to make sure they haven't changed the formulation Glad I came to the message boards to surf today bec I couldn't figure out what it was that was frea
  2. This has been the only regimen that has ever worked for me. I used Murad but my skin texture was still awful and SO oily and those brown spots from healing zits would not go away for months! I have also used Retin A and I got tired of getting Rx's for it. and my skin texture was still horrid! What I use right now has cleared my skin and I only get several small zits that go away quickly during my period whereas before I had major breakouts during my time of the month. I have been breaking out si