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  1. In the past couple of weeks my acne has been brought up in conversation a few times by my family because I had a big breakout on my forehead. It has cleared up well now and I'm back to just suffering from mild-moderate acne. However, every time my acne is brought up in conversation around my Dad, he says "You want to get out in the sun, it'll dry it 'em up". I've told him several times that it does nothing and that it is a myth, and if he did a simple Google search he would be proved wrong.
  2. Hey, I currently I exfoliate once daily (in the morning while in the shower) with a face scrub as well as washing my face twice a day with a salyclic acid cleanser by St. Ives. This is all I do in terms of skincare, I'm not on Dan's regimen or anything and don't use moisturiser or apply topicals, just cleanse and exfoliate. However, do I need exfoliate? I've read that salicylic acid breaks down dead skin and so do I really need to exfoliate because I feel it's just causing unnecessary irritation