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  1. YO still doing wonders for me. Im so fucking happy. i've even forgotten i had acne once in my life. G'luck y'all! love ya all!
  2. i've been using it for several months. I use both products only once a day. It is not a cure, but it is the only regimen that keeps my acne under control. I'm 95% clear.
  3. http://vitamins.com/pages/file.asp?xs=1626...03&PID=372&np=0 http://www.swansonvitamins.com/webapp/wcs/...tothenic%20acid
  4. RITE AID: ask the cashier for fruit of the earth 100 % aloe v gel. its 2 bucks.
  5. no buddy there's no cure for acne. this regimen is great at allowing u to keep the acne under control untill u grow out of it. i've been applying both products at the same time on my face and leaving it for 1 min, just once a day and it seems to be working better then applying the SA first then the BP
  6. how about putting a moisturizer w/ some pungent smell on the tip of your fingers? or zinc cream, or maybe even something like icy hot might be all ya need to keep those fingers away
  7. I've been using botchla's regimen and 100 % aloe vera gel and nothing else for several months. IT WORKS!
  8. tanning is not the best thing for your skin, but if your gonna do it anyway, use aloe vera AFTER the tanning session not during it. aloe vera is not gonna work miracles after one application, so dont get too excited
  9. did u buy their b5 gel too? if so, what do u think of it?
  10. yeah, stop using swanson's. go to vitamin.com and get their pantothenic acid (vit B5), which is cheaper and has no side effects.
  11. dan's was completely worthless for me (tried it for 2 months), and I've been 95% clear w/ botchla's for several months now