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  1. Peels hurt. When I put too much Tazorac on for my first week, I effectively did a chemical peel. My face raw as *hell*. But when the peeling faded and stuff, it also lifted some scars and some places are smoother. So it was good. Not something you can really do without a good vacation though, as the down time was a few days. how long is the down time usually? is like 4 days good enough?
  2. wow your lucky, did you have insurance with kaiser? Im thinking about getting a AHA or a TCA peel pretty soon. I want to make sure I got like 5 days to recover though...
  3. so is it recommended that I get a chemical or a light peel because I have had this red marks for almost 2 years now and there not fading away. Its just 99% red marks though, what do you guys say?
  4. I got similar red marks on my cheeks too, im thinking about getting a chemical peel... Will that help any?
  5. So I should schedule an appointment with my dermatologist about getting a light peel done? You seem to also have insurance with kaiser, do you know how much the light peel would cost me?
  6. I got a lot of red marks on my cheeks, and since I got insurance with Kaiser should I get a chemical peel done with them? Will they peel remove them right away and what % TCA should I make the peel be? Has anyone else ever had it done with kaiser?