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  1. DAY 166 And thats the last of them, its all over! put myself on 60mg for the last few weeks, no real breakouts, just a couple of small spots. Overall EXTREMELY pleased with the result so far, and hopefully my skin will stay clear now for a while at least. I'm gonna go through the possible side effects for anyone interested... Conjunctivitis...........................................NO dry or fragile skin.....................................YES, face and arms particularly dry or cracked lips.
  2. is anyone suffering from an overly red face while on accutane? my face is red pretty much all the time now, on 60mg daily 150 days in. do you think the skin tone goes back to normal after the treatment is finished? thanks
  3. DAY 126 Wowza! I'm overwhelmed by all the replies Just got back from the derm who was too busy flirting with his assistant to really care about what i was saying but he has given me 2 more months at the same dose. i'm just gonna up my own dose to 50 or 60 and see how it goes, should be done in 5 or 6 weeks
  4. DAY 125 No new spots. Forehead still looks a bit messy, one day it looks smooth the next it looks scarred. There is still redness so i think once that is gone i may just be left with a few small scars which is ok by me. So now its decision time, tomorow is my derm appointment and i'm pretty sure he'll let me make the call as to what to do next. I've been on 30mg daily for 4 months, I know this is quite a low dose so with that in mind these are the options that i've come up with: a) Finish the
  5. Hi guys, i've done about 100 days of my course and whilst i've only had about 3 or 4 small spots for the last 2 months i can't help but think my skin is still in pretty bad condition. I was wondering if anyone else found this and whether or not i can expect to see improvement once the course is over??
  6. my initial breakout started on day 3 and lasted till about day 18, the acne was worse than it had ever been before. good news is there has been improvement all the way since.
  7. DAY 93 One new small pointless spot on my forehead. Older spots on my forehead have formed scars, but they might not be scars, but they look like scars, i'll just have to wait and see. Its about 4 weeks till my derm appointment and my skins as clear as i could imagine so i think then it will be all over. The one thing that worries me about this is that i will have been on only 30mg per day for only 4 months. So i guess the chances of a relapse are quite high. Still, i'll worry about that when
  8. DAY 83 Nothing really to report. New spots are very rare. This is the best period of clearness i can remember, i now only hope that this is for good, and not just a temporary solution. I got very sunburned on my face 3 days ago, i was out in it for about 3 hours with no suncream which was a bit foolish. But now its turned a nice brown so its all good 5 weeks to go!!
  9. DAY 71 Well i've had 2 new spots in the last two weeks, one on my forehead and one to the side of the eye. Thats it, just 2 spots. Roaccutane is awesome should have taken it a long time ago! SIDEEEE's The eczema completely cleared in about 3 or 4 days with the gel and hasn't returned, even though i have stopped applying the gel. Skin is not so dry these days, infact i think its just normal. But my lips are still dry, thats the only side effect really. I spent quite a long time in the sun at
  10. DAY 56 So i went to the derm and it seems i was correct, i have developed eczema on my arms due to the dryness caused by roaccutane, for this he has prescribed me Betnovate ointment which i am to apply every night. He was willing to up my dose from 30mg to 40mg untill he saw the eczema, he said the eczema suggests that my body is probably at the limit of how much roaccutane it can take. This was a dissapointment but he went on to say that because of the good progress i am making he is confident
  11. DAY 55 Good levels of clearness now, just a few red marks which aren't a problem. Got my 2nd derm appoitment tomorrow, i'm gonna ask for a higher dose then hopefully i'll only have 2 months left not that taking roaccuane is having much of a negative effect, it'll just be nice to be finished. One thing that is worrying me slightly is the rashes i'm getting on my arms, i think its eczema but i've never had eczema before. I've been using moisturiser on them but they just seem to be getting worse
  12. DAY 40 Just a few imperfections cropping up every now and again, apart from my forehead where the slow motion spots still reside. There's 2 that have been there for 3 weeks which are almost gone, and one which has been there for 2 weeks which peaked this passed week, and is now dying. They are taking soooo long to fade. Overall delighted with how things are going, apart from the one spot on my forehead you would have to look closely to see that i am an acne sufferer. Really good levels of clea
  13. DAY 29 Four weeks have passed, it really does go fast Nowt much to report, old left cheek and forehead spots are dying and drying. There's one new spot on my forehead, and a couple what i would call imperfections... nothing to worry about. Usually a quick blast of the sunbed or some summer sunshine (25 degrees in UK tomorrow woooot!) would burn them straight off, but i can really feel that my skin is super-sensitive to the sunlight... oh it burns... but its a small price to pay Usual side
  14. any more than an hour purely on bi's and tri's would be enough to make anybodys muscles spasm! and you're talking about a 'last hour'! blimey, that'd go down as overtraining in my book... unless you're training at the intensity as an 86 year old grandmother of course... but no i've been on roaccutane for 4 weeks and i've suffered no abnormal aches or pains during or after working out... i can't really see how a high calorie diet would decrease the absorption, otherwise we'd be told to take
  15. DAY 27 One rather large spot on my left cheek and a smaller one on my forehead are the only new ones to report. The old ones hanging around my forehead have faded quite a bit, although they're still visible. Apart from that my skin has recovered from the initial breakout and there are now large areas of clearness hooray for roaccutane very very happy about this Side Effects: chapped lips always a problem, now constantly dry and peeling. dry skin. also... depression...because of wayne r
  16. DAY 23 Not a great deal going on only 5 or 6 small spots have surfaced recently which is very easy to deal with. Bigger spots on my forehead are taking ages to fade, thats if they are fading, they seem to be just hanging around. Blackheads are still there too but never mind. My skins still very dry, nose is contiuously peeling. Lips dry out, crack then go back to normal in a 4 day cycle. No other side effects to report
  17. in terms of protein yeah they would be the same, but boiling them is alot healthier because it cuts out the fat/cholestorol you would get from the oil in the frying pan. you could eat them raw too, but i don't think i'd be able to stomach that personally
  18. unfortunately they've always caused me to breakout, not sure why. creatine was alot worse, that made be break out something crazy. just like ariventa said i get all my protein from food now, its not difficult really. 3 boiled eggs at brekky, 250g chicken or turkey at lunch, 1 tin of tuna straight after gym and then a meal at night plus a bit of cheese every now and then and you're soon at 150g per day. a protein shake will give you roughly the same amount of protein as a tin of tuna
  19. DAY 18 The 15th day saw IB part II peaking with all sorts of nastiness on my cheeks and forehead, certainly not as bad as part I but still reeeeeaaaaally bad. However, improvement followed quickly and efficiently...i'm now back at the same stage as on Day 10 only this time there is no signs of new spots I'm not gonna get carried away but things really are looking good confidence returning etc. Blackheads are still there, when do they start to come out?? Still got dry lips of course, and d
  20. DAY 14 Well IB part II it most certainly is, but its not as intense as part I. First day back at work after 6 days off, i got a few comments including "whats going on with all your spots, is it the heat?" and the no holds barred "blimey, whats happened to your face!!??". lol My forehead is quite bad with 4 big spots hanging around, the whiteheads have dissapeared now leaving the dry flakyness we all know and love. My cheeks are starting to see the action now, there's about 6 medium sized red
  21. try Driclor, this worked a treat for me after all the anti-persperants failed miserably. When i first used it i applied loads to my underarms and it stung painfully for about 12 hours, so be carefull with it, i definately wouldn't use it near my face. Good news is after that one application i didn't sweat at all from my underarms for at least 8 weeks now i just apply it in small doses once every 2 weeks. sweating when you're in the gym is normal anyway, anyone who's not sweating just isn't p
  22. agreed, stop being such a *mod edit :evil: * about the side effects. be a man and take it. yeah its a risk, but if you don't take risks in life you will get nowhere, you'll just end up a bitter old man with a shed load of regrets.
  23. we have a lot of polish people at the place i work in england, they are all noticeably cool and some of the girls are stunning! they teach us things like pokaz cipe and wale koni! lol! i recently read an article on the top 10 emerging cities in the world and krakow came 2nd so i'm planning a weekend break there at some point in the summer :) good luck with the 'tane
  24. DAY TEN The breakout was so painful on Day 8 i decided to take a couple of days of work so i could sit around munching nurofen and being generally unhappy but most importantly not pick the whiteheads! Great decision! They began to dry up very quickly and eventually just fall off almost as a scab, over Day 8 and 9 new ones became less frequent and the old ones just dried up. This morning i only had about 6 or 7 whiteheads compared to at least 30/40 each morning (no exagerration!) between day 3