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  1. hold on. you have really good hair and a very beautiful face. i wish i had hair as healthy as yours. mine is falling out from all my worrying about my skin condition and etc. take care.
  2. pandailovesyou


    i'm wondering how you had the photos taken because they all have a very beautiful quality to it and this one is really gorgeous.
  3. hey denise, thanks for your concern and helpful replies. i have a question though, do you exfoliate a little before a chemical peel to increase its effect? in the past, whenever i exfoliate, i always burn my skin. but this has never stopped me... my skin bounces back pretty quick and i think that the red marks have faded more. might be i am just delusional. thanks!
  4. hi, i hope you get good improvements with IPL. my experience with IPL was pretty enjoyable. first, i was given a mild chemical peel to get rid of whatever junk i had on my face. then they applied this black carbon (?) mask and you have to wait a while for this to absorb the oxygen on your face (if i remember all this right)... the procedure itself took about 1-2 hours for me... it sounded like rubber bands snapping and can be quite frightening because of how loud it is, although it didn't hur
  5. funny because although coffee has more caffeine in it than green tea, it has never done anything for me. in fact i feel kind of weighted down with coffee. both have never caused acne for me.
  6. oh, totally forgot about the immunity thing. i've used acid peels for more than a year, so i kind of understand this. i have dysmorphia, and i tend to cause injury to my skin... just be kind to yours okay. but......!!! i think leaving it one for less than 1 min (maybe washing it off as soon as you feel the slightest sting), will act like a good exfoliator.
  7. green tea is not tasty if you drink it like me, which is really really thick and murky and works in a minute to make you instantly alert. i recommend only drinking the leaves kind because the one in bags aren't strong enough to be beneficial. mainly, i drink it to sharpen my senses when i'm without sleep for days. but it is tasty if you drink it like normally.
  8. in japan a lot of people use cleansing oil which is a cleanser that is oil based. i've tried this and it works unbelievably well with removing clogged dirt, some blackheads, everything. the problem is it works too well, that it dries up my skin too. shiseido makes one cleansing oil i think. but the brand i used was called tiss.
  9. i drink tons of green tea (which has caffeine although less than the amount in coffee) without any bad side effects, maybe just insomnia. i think it has helped to flush out tonxins and such. i can't live without green tea.
  10. hey what's wrong with a guy wearing makeup. well, unless it is a different tone from his skin. anyway, your skin ain't bad at all... the only prescription cream (that've tried) and that has worked for me was retin A and this other non-bacterial one which i forgot its name.
  11. hey, yeah i am worried about this as well. as a user of chemical peels, i have the chemical peel glow, thinner skin and flushed cheeks when i sweat it. i think what causes aging (for a chemical peeler) is being under the sun without adequate sunscreen or protection. but the hayflick limit is probably true as well, though i would say that sleep deprivation is the main cause of aging for me.
  12. hi, from your pictures the red marks you have looks very mild. i have had 3 sessions of IPL in the past, and they were enjoyable but i'm not sure if it worked that well for me. i don't have many red marks to begin with but i kind of expected a miracle i guess. but i do think that IPL helped with the redness on the sides of my nose.
  13. honestly, i have done up to 3 peels in one week. and the first peel of the week lasts for 4-5 mins, while the next two lasts 1 min or less. i don't think it is more effective, but it helps to remove makeup and keeps my skin clear. when my skin is more sensitive than usual, i just do it once a week. use your own better judgement.
  14. i have two bottles of lactic acid. one is 40% and the other is 50%, that is why i can do lactic peels twice a week, when i feel like it.
  15. sometimes they can take up to half a year. anyway, i don't think anyone can do absolutely nothing when there are so many options available. what happens is, after 3-4 months the red marks will be much much fainter and you will have a nicer skintone. if you are clear when you begin, you will probably remain clear most of the time. lactic acid didn't give me pimples since i've started. it also dried up the tiny ones i get from stress. it's not meant to work as well as TCA, but i like how relat
  16. it takes at least 3 months to see any major difference. they work for my red marks... but then the marks that i do have now are quite minimal. i know it is working for me because the intense red mark from two months ago on my nose is fading fast. i am using a 50% lactic acid at a pH2 level about two times a week, sometimes just once a week (currently)... about 2-3 minutes each time. i have not had any breakouts since using lactic acid, i think it helps that my skin is regularly exfoliated. the
  17. hi guys, i got my 2oz bottle of lactic acid 50% from http://larachem.com i've bought from them twice, because a 2oz bottle lasts so long, it's much cheaper, and they shipped out my order on the same day i paid. i heartily recommend them.
  18. well, i was kinda surprised how well my skin took to lactic acid. i really prefer this to glycolic acid though i think both yeilds similar results. i leave lactic acid 50% on for 3-5 mins (sometimes less) and it doesn't burn my skin and i don't get the tightness around my chin anymore. it IS working for me, and i am seeing a better skin tone all around. mostly i do it twice a week... but sometimes three times a week. i'm in my holidays now, so i can afford some downtime, just in case, but there
  19. glycolic acid (30%) causes breakouts for me even though i've been on it for a long time. right now i am using lactic acid (50%) and it is so much better, less irritating to my skin and my red marks are fading faster. i love lactic acid.
  20. lactic acid is really working for me, my red marks are fading - i'm doing a 50% peel 3 times a week. i have sensitive skin, but i'm really harsh to my face - always trying to see how long i can leave acid on until it burns. when i have a bad skin day, i'd do an acid peel once i get home and try to burn my face off! sounds like you won't hesitate to cause trama to your skin too - good luck and be careful not to over do anything. when i'm at my lowest, i'll just sleep it away (passed out from ag
  21. hey, it will definitely heal. i've burned my face many times for leaving it too long (20 mins) and they always heal.
  22. no, didn't work for me at all. made me even more depressed at that time when i was desperate. edited: and i only have some red marks... so i don't think it would work for scars..
  23. hi, there are many different acids used in chemical peels but i have only tried glycolic and lactic and since i have only done a few lactic peels, i really can't make a comparison yet... but glycolic acid stings my skin badly and makes my eyes water while lactic acid only stings mildly. i think it should be be fine if you start with glycolic acid 20%-30% or lactic acid 40% and then work your way up since you are new to peels.. you can get both at http://puredeming.com/ or http://makeupartists
  24. hi, i know how you feel. two years ago after reading so many good things about chemical peels, i signed up for a series of glycolic acid peels at a spa. i wasted a ton of money on that with no improvement at all (it also broke me out) but still they kept insisting on how much better my skin looked... and because of this i find it hard to trust aestheticians.. you won't notice any difference in the first peel because they start with a very low percentage (probably 20%) and slowly build up when y
  25. i still have blackheads but not as much as before i started doing chemical peels (30%-50%) on my nose. it takes a long time to make a big difference.. probably half a year when you realise you don't spend so much time at your nose anymore.