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  1. estee lauder double wear trust me stays matt for ages, amazing coverage and is oil free and non comedogenic and acnegenic
  2. Thank you JBHK for that advice. I may just stay on the antibiotics for 2 months and then come off and stay on the dianette! I keep changing my mind all the time! Good luck everyone and thanks for the advice.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys, especially starybabe for the bumping up of the post! I am taking both medications for now but am still confused about what to stay on long term. Its really confusing because people say so many diferent things about each of them! My friend has been on antibiotics for 7 years straight (all different types) for her acne and her skin is kept clear by them and hasnt developed any health problems. She refuses to come off them until she is an old woman! Yes Energy, you c
  4. Hello fellow sufferers, I have been taking dianette and tetraycline for around 5 months. I have just stopped taking the tetracycline because my skin was clear and I thought that the dianette had started working. Within a few weeks my face developed 5 new spots! Was so upsetting! However, my back that was once covered with acne is still clear. Am considering going back on the tetracycline but didnt want to stay on two strong medications for too long and the random thrush attacks were kind of
  5. Thank you shaunea! Yes! Why cant you have good lust without bad lust? I think you can! And Hauposai, "troublesome" is a strange word to use to explain yourself for making such an ignorant statement. Mabey YOU can only have good lust with bad, and find it "troublesome" to control your sexual urges. Please dont generalise about the human race as a whole.
  6. hello bigredboof, what pill were you on?
  7. Hey all, Just felt that I should share my acne clearing experience with you in case it works for you too. I have had acne on my face for nine years and my back and chest, shoulders and tops of arms for over two. I tried salycic acid washes and benzol peroxide and they didnt work so one day I though I just cant take it any more! I cant go swimming and it will be summer soon and I have to cover up! Was so depressing. So I went to the dermatologist in march and he prescribed me lymecycline, aze
  8. Thanks for positive replu kirsten, What pill caused you to develop cellulite and after how long of taking it did you notice? I have started exercising and body brushing once a day. I was thinking of changing to a lower oestrogen pill like mercelon which is good for clearing acne and is only 20mg oestrogen as opposed to 35mg with Dianette. Apparently in clinical trials the anti androgen progesterone in Dianette is not superior to pills containing degonestel like mercelon. So may switch to that a
  9. Hi multimia, I have also heard conflicting stories about allesse. I have heard that it is a good birth control pill for clearing acne where as some say it is not recommended for acne prone skin! Who to believe?!!!! This website shows evidence from clinical trials that Alesse reduces acne spots as well as Orthro trycyclen which is an FDA aproved pill for clearing acne. http://www.contraceptiononline.org/slides/....cfm?tk=3&dpg=9 this one says that Alisse is a pill that causes acne http
  10. Do you know which pill will be better skeptic? have u noticed this too?
  11. Hello girlys, Ok, am freaking out!! Since I have started taking Dianette which has been amazing for my skin and boobage growth, I have found that I have developed celulite for the first time in my life on my bum and thighs! I have never in my life had even one dimple of celulite and now in the space of two months I have been on dianette I have started getting it! Am v upset now as I feel that I have permenantly affected my body because of this pill and am not sure what to do. I know I must
  12. Also thanks for the info on Zinopin, i'm so interested in stuff like that, my doctor at the moment is great and encourages me to try herbal stuff before medications also i'm a firm believer in lifestyle changes to help prevent illnesses, i know some things you can't change (i have acne and diabetes) but you can do things to make them better. When I came off roaccutane I ended my course early since I got psorosis, which may or may not have been from roacctuane, it was painful and looked awful (it
  13. I see. But it's hard to have one without the other...
  14. Wow 0.0006%, I didnt realise the risk was so low! Where did you read about that figure skeptik? You have really helped put my fears at rest as I thought the risk was much higher! I suppose that I just have too much paranoia! I woke up yesterday with a muscle pain in one of my calves and was convinced that I had dvt! But now it is subsiding and Im thinking mabey this and the leg cramps (they havent happened again) are due to the fact that since i have been on this pill, due to me being paranoi