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  1. I wish there were dermatologists who knew what they were talking about! Anyway, I have had marks like that for a year before. Actually one is still pink from 2 years ago and it was originally some sort of pimple that didn't fit any kind of regular pimple description---very frustrating. So it might just be something like that.On the other hand, any derm that is taking a chance by saying "it might be cancer...see me in 2 months" cannot be trusted. Go to another doctor. GOOD LUCK!
  2. You guys----what if you were the only teacher at your school that had acne...now that's embarrasing! I am 31 and I have more acne than my students and none of the other women have it. IT SUCKS!oh yeah, and 13 years ago I sat in my freakin high school classes and thought the same thing about how unfair it was and got my compact mirror out every chance I got to check to see if any of my miracle prayers worked, then 8 years ago I was in college classes and its the same old story. sorry to depress y
  3. I read your post and it was me perfectly described, only I am 31, and I have to go back to teaching in 2 days. I gave up everything I loved too with food since january. my health is even suffering because I am down to 108 lbs but that was from cutting out all junk food, I just didn't get enough calories, but it seemed to be the answer for me. Its been horrible this summer because I have been religious about my food, not having any ice cream or summer foods, then for 6 weeks this summer I had gre
  4. Hi! I am completely depressed, on the verge of tears. I had a jessner peel 10 days ago with great results. I had a couple of restylane injections today. The doctor actually let me have them for free because I spazzed out so much about how much I initially swelled. Well, its almost midnight and that was at 11:00 this morning and it looks like crap. Is my scar gone? Yes, but now I have a big bruise and needle mark and starting to get some pimples. I am so upset!
  5. A jessner peel helped mine. Have it done professionally though if you decide to try it.
  6. I am on day 5 of my peel and everything that is coming off looks great ( i had it done professionally). I was so excited until I noticed that the very first spot that started to peel on the 3rd day is still very red but not scabbed, though its a little raised and irritated. I sort of picked off the peeling skin there not realizing that it wasn't quite ready. The rest of my face I have just let peel on its own and it looks so good. It has completely eradicated red marks from a year ago! I am so f
  7. Don't waste your time on anything but this!!!!!! I found out about it on the redmarks forum and it works. I spent months trying all kinds of chemicals and expensive crap and this regimine worked in 4-5 days... day: cleanse with Cetaphil Use a little baking soda as a scrub tone with apple cider vinegar...stinks, but works leave on for 10 minutes, rinse off with water use any topical acne meds you have, but some people said BP adds to the redness night: cleanse with Cetap
  8. ADD a few a squeezes of fresh lemon to every bottle you drink for a week and watch years of acne begin to fade...... I did! GO MOTHER EARTH! GOD provides us what we need in the simplest forms, we are just too stooopud to realize it.
  9. OKAY.... I don't want to go into a long drawn out thing, but like everyone else, acne for over 16 years, tried everything, lots of redmarks, blah blah blah!!! THIS REGIMINE WORKED IN FIVE DAYS LIKE YOU SAID IT WOULD!!!!! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!!! MY SKIN IS GLOWING, my red marks are light pink and I am looking forward to continuing on. JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER! I haven't been this excited about my face since...NEVER! MY ROUTINE: morning: cetaphil baking soda to exfolia
  10. PLEEEEEEEZ try a whole foods, raw diet (not raw fish) I mean LOTS OF raw vegetables, watch out for any HYDRONATED oils----its in EVERYTHING, so you will have to make your whole family adjust to resist the temptation. My husband and 12 year old did it for me and my fibromyalgia and acne problem has almost disappeared after 3 months. I am so much better for it! PLEASE just give it a try...it will be soo hard for her age. I mean NOOOOO SUGAR! NO SODA...NO CHEATING...The crap has to GET OUT of her b
  11. Hey BFGUITAR: gotta love Hendrix, just thought I'd chime in that he and George Harrison both had pretty bad acne and they were geniuses but even they couldn't escape it either!
  12. Hello everyone! I was reading through this forum the other day and read about the Prescriptives "invisible line smoother" and all the good results people had camoflouging scars. I got mine yesterday and I am pleased that I have about 50% improvement. That is as good as some scar revision procedures which cost thousands, even if its only temporary. A couple ice picks are almost completely unoticeable so its pretty cool. The only problem is it doesn't stay put very long, I mean, if you brush u
  13. Hey everyone...I am battling my cystic adult acne and am having some success with using cetaphil, doryx, holistic/organic diet, yoga and finacea cream. I am very sensitive to the sun right now due to the antibiotics(will discontinue after this bottle) so I know I need a suncreen but I am terrified of breaking out...same goes for a moisturizer. I just am so afraid putting any other type of lotion on my face will be a disaster. What products do any of you recommend?? Thanks in advance for any
  14. Premature aging, I will give you that. I would disagree on damaging the immune system. Lack of UV exposure has been shown to cause depression, vitamin deficiencies, among other health problems. My standpoint is that tanning clears up my acne and makes me look good now, while I am young. Looks hold an exponentially higher value at young age than they do at old age, for a man anyway. If my choice is acne now and less wrinkles later, or beautiful skin now and more wrinkles later, I choose