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  1. hi dim, I have red marks and shallow scarring too on my temple and cheeks.. wow waiting 9months for a second is quite a long wait.. how is your skin like after the lazer and also after the downtime of 9days? are the scars still visible after lazer? is 1 treatment able to show great improvement to the skin over time? maybe i should give Dr S a visit but that would mean an additional air fee to each treatment i make with her.. if its a one off treatment and a wait of 9months.. i say why not?
  2. hi will, which is the clinic u rang up in melbourne? what is the price they quote u for smoothbeam? combatscars
  3. hi Dim and Cubsfan I am also very much interested in getting lazer done at Dr Adrianna's clinic.. as i am residing in melbourne, i will be seeing Dr Goodman for advice on smoothbeam.. hopefully it will be good enough (although i doubt so) to eradicate my scars.. so please keep us posted on your schneiber lazer progress.. if its really good i might make trips down to sydney for it.. oh and by the way, how many treatments of lazer are advised for your treatment and what are your scars like? Tha
  4. Are any of ya gonna see Dr Goodman? I am wondering if there is any good dermatologist in melbourne that does good lazer resurfacing? I really want to end this scarring problem once and for all... By the way.. how much is per consultation with Dr Goodman and the charges for each smoothbeam treatment? I emailed the clinic but have not gotten a reply.. hmm...
  5. hi checkout this website http://www.greggoodman.com.au./ im sure u can find the address and dialup in it..
  6. hello all.. never knew i would find fellow singaporeans in this forum anyway i also suffers from moderate acne and acne scaring.. im really interested in getting smoothbeam done at NSC.. the price they quoted me was 390 per treatment... however i wasnt too sure of the improvement it would give.. now im thinking of ablative lazer.. but have heard of many bad reports on it.. so i am quite lost on what to do next.. is there anyone who can gives good advice on what i should do with my acne scar
  7. hello all.. is there anyone reading this thread from australia victoria? i am very interested in getting smoothbeam done but dunno where to head to... is there anyone who knows where to find smoothbeam at where i am? any good dermatologist to recommend? thnx. combatscars [-o<
  8. hi all i would like to know where can i find smoothbeam treatment in melbourne australia.. if anyone who have done it here.. can ya also quote me the price and the office/doctor which performed the treatment? thank you O:) ..
  9. hello everyone.. i am very interested in getting smoothbeam.. but i would like to know what sort of scarring it will help.. is there anyone from this thread that would post some pics to chart their progress on smoothbeam? i am sure it will help very much... thank you.. O:)
  10. thnx maya.. i think i will stop using the copper petides and see what happens.. im sure it is a great product..
  11. maya, should i stop using copper petides bcos i think its breaking me out.. ](*,) or is it a natural occurence from using it and i should continue? i read from ur regimen that u have the same exact problem.. i am only using the regular copper petide serum.. I am feeling quite low bcos i thought it might be the answer to my scars but... anyway i hope i can see improvement in my scars but its too soon to tell.. what should i do?
  12. Currently i am taking 'multi vitamins & minerals' tablets.. each tablet contains a whole lot of ingredients which includes Vitamin C 250mg and Zinc 5.7mg.. i am to take 1 per day as the label reads.. I was wondering if the amount intake is sufficient to aid in healing scars? and do they really help? What are the amount intake effective fo all who are taking the supplement? are there other vitamins and minerals which also aid in healing scars? how much is TOO much or is there a limit for each
  13. ok.. its flaky when i try putting it on, sometimes good.. sometimes i do the tape method to exfoliate but i still get flakes.. any better way to exfoliate? the problem is.. i have large pores on my cheeks.. it is very obvious closeup as the foundation gathers in those pores.. although im using pore minimizer.. it helps but it aint as good or im doing it wrong... any tips on large pores? plus why does it gets powdery and flaky near the hairline? hmm no harm trying out the colortration super
  14. i walk right up to the clinique comestic counter on a busy sunday afternoon.. can u believed it? haha / although there are a few people who gave me the one eye up.. but who cares.. im indifferent ok.. i basically bought 2 items from the comestic girl (quite a sweetie O:) ) Pore minimizer and superfit makeup.. I was told to apply with my hands.. am i suppose to do that? OursFan, ya quite right, makeup doesnt really help with scars.. :-s i read the box it came in and it says moderate cov