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  1. Hmm, I'm not sure. I think I will go to browse the drugstore again. By the way, I got this link on various sunscreens + moisturizer rated by a girl who lives in Australia. I think this can help you:- http://www.geocities.com/rumpuey_cosmetic/...enu_english.htm
  2. eucerin renewal is not sold at where i live. so i'll have to find other alternatives.
  3. Thanks for replying. Can you please keep me up-to-date with it, stillhoping? I will be really grateful for that. I don't know if I should go ahead with IPL because it's so expensive and I'm only a student. Don't know if it's worth the money especially if the acne does return in the end.
  4. Hello, i guess this is also called Clearlight treatment. My beautician told me it kills the acne bacteria with some sort of light at 10 degree Celsius. A client will need to go through 8 treatments altogether and the face will be acne-free by the end of the treatments. I asked her if the acne will return and she said no but of course, the client will need a monthly maintenance, which is a facial. I don't know if what she says is true. I find it hard to buy. Plus, this comes with a heavy cost. So
  5. Can anyone introduce other oil-free moisturisers that contain sunblock, other than Eucerin Renewal?
  6. i know many ppl love a good tan. personally i am not interested in it. but ghostly pale skin? i don't think so!
  7. 1 more thing nightKid, the Eucerin cleanser contains salicylic acid too. Clinique's anti-blemish solutions cleanser was recommended to me for removing make-up. speaking from real experience; BP doesn't help heal my red marks. as for your B5 query, sorry, i don't take B5; so i don't dare to say anything. O:)
  8. BP doesn't cure red marks (to the best of my knowledge). i noticed that some of my red marks started fading after using clinique's anti-blemish solutions cleanser to cleanse my face everytime when i have make-up on. seems to me the salicylic acid is doing the job. however, i dare not recommend u to use the cleanser because of this, as i think the cleanser can be a bit harsh for twice-a-day usage. currently i'm using eucerin's impure skin cleanser every morning followed by neutrogena on-the-spot
  9. Thanks Sparty. Looks like I have to hunt a bit more!
  10. I am searching for a concealer that provides good coverage for pimples and pimple marks and heard that estompe lumiere does it. Has anyone here tried it before or is using it? Just share your opinions all right. Thanks a lot!