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  1. yup bc... yaz and condoms. but idk i think they did it different for me. i had no perscription that i got filled at a pharmacy. they just handed me two packs of 10 each 40 mg. told me to take it every other day and told me i would b getting a letter in the mail in a cpl days and to do the ipledge thingy online. do you have to get blood tests every time? or just once while during accutane cuz thats what i believe they told me.
  2. so im reading all these posts about accutane and weight. if you are tiny you are not suppose to take a high dose of it is what i am reading. well i am not tiny. i am 185ish and 5 4 and 21 and a female. but i am only taking 40 mg every other day. should the doc ask me how much i weigh? did the doc ask you how much u weigh? im confused about the relation here or do they just look at you and guess? i havent had a physical for a while so even if they have that info from the doc it is wrong. sor
  3. my derm told me i have genetic acne. she told me down in the line of my family someone had acne very bad as well. i am 21 and still get several pimples on my face wkly... daily etc. also have them on my back. arms and chest occisionally. it used to be a lot worse honestly. but i am taking 40 mg every OTHER day. y is this? i did not ask i just took the pills and called it a day i guess i should have asked. is anyone else taking it every other day? i just finished up 10 pills taking them ever
  4. so here is the deal i went to the doc in may [cant think right now] i believe and they said i needed accutane that that was the only thing that would help me. the gave me themselves a prescription for the pill. they faxed it to my insurance believing that i had mail order [[come to call the insurance company and i did not have mail order]]. so during that month before when they ran tests and did the urine thing to see if i was pregnant no bc pills. preg test was false. when i went back a month
  5. Does the birth control pill help with back, arm, chest acne? Or just acne on your face? Thanks much
  6. Ya... I've had my period since like 8th grade! And it sucks let me tell ya. But ya I have really bad cramps the first day and lately I've been taking like 2 500mg Tylenols and it hasn't been doing nething 4 me. Which sucks. So all I wanna do is sleep haha. But ya idk I'll figure it out!! I want b/c now just to get rid of my cramps haha. I don't get breast tenderness or nething like that they don't hurt I just get really bloated and cramps of course haha but thats my story and thanks for
  7. Ya... that's good but I'd just rather have it online... it's easier for me! But thanks for that. Haha being online has gotten me into trouble... shhhh <3
  8. Well I've just gone through a really rough time these past few weeks with my ex boyfriend and myself. I wanted to you know express what I am going through and my feelings on a dairy type site... I have myspace but I really don't wanna do it there cuz all my friends are on there. And ya I need to change and I wanted to start writing my feelings out. So do you guys suggest any other sites or is that a good one. And do you guys do that! Ugh changing sucks. <3
  9. Well then... how can I derm prescribe it??? I don't think he does that kind of test? lol <3
  10. Okay I usually only use eyeshadow, eye liner and mascara because when I go to the drugstore and buy make-up I just don't come up with the right shade. Or it isn't covering properly. I guess I have dry skin I mean sometimes it will be oily and sometimes it won't but the makeup never seems to go on right and it looks like I didn't even put any on. I think I'm not getting a dark enough shade but I'm to scared to go darker because I don't want it to be too noticeable. I don't like using liquid m
  11. My mom told me that you need to get a pelvic exam from a gyno to get b/c thats why I'm lost! haha So do you guys know? Thanks! <3
  12. Ya... i want it for a contraception pill and for my acne but will the derm just prescribe it there for you? <3
  13. Hey!! I was just wondering why you guys were on it... I really wanna get on it but i'm just scared. Did all of you have hormonal acne. And what is that exactly? Just breaking out along your chin? Thanks much. <3
  14. Where do you get that from a drugstore or is it prescription? <3
  15. No, they were working... like I had a derm appointment at the end of August after the first one in the beginning of June. And he said everything was going well. And I wasn't getting any side effects either. I just kept forgeting to do it. <3