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  1. Day 186 So I've reach the end of this long road - today is my final day on Accutane. After months of making sure I took those little pills with some fatty foods, constantly drinking water and always making sure my skin was moisturized, I'm finished. My skin looks great - I can't wait to see how it heals up once the Accutane is out of my system in about a month. It feels like I'm ending a chapter of my life. A chapter that has continued on since this past fall. It feels like I'm free finally.
  2. Day 171 Hey everyone, just stopping by to say hello since I've been away for a little again. As usual, no major changes with my skin. Just the usual dryness. I'm pretty sure I'm in my final two weeks of my regimen until I'm finally done. I'm honestly glad to be finishing my course. I don't think I can tolerate the side effects much longer. It's just a hassle to always be applying moisturizer on my face and lips. That and the occasional back aches that I get. Or even worrying about taking it bef
  3. Wow, your skins come a long way. It's looks really great now!
  4. Thanks a lot. I'm really happy with my results. I'm just counting down the days until I'm finally finished and don't have to worry about taking two pills a day anymore. I'm over having dry lips after seven months haha. I'm glad my log was able to help you a bit. I'll be sure to keep this updated from time to time after I finish my course as most logs tend to just stop when the regimen is over. I'd like to help people get a better grasp of how things are after one finishes Accutane.
  5. Day 162 So yeah, nothing too exciting going on with the skin. Basically just going through the final days of it before I'm finished. Had one small whitehead show up on my shoulder but that's the closest to a break out that I've had in months. The dryness isn't too bad. The lips as usual and a little moisturizer around my mouth. I'm just enjoying my summer before it flies by. I didn't think it was worth it to take pictures so I just took one on my laptop and attached it to this post. As you can
  6. I think you're looking for results a little too soon. Give it a month or so. I'd also stop using Dan's Regimen. You're going to end up harming your skin more than helping it if you use it while on Accutane.
  7. Day 152 Hey all, sorry I'm late with the update this past weekend but nothing was really worth noting. I went to my derm yesterday and he decided to keep me on for one final month. His reasoning is he rather just knock this out once and for all rather than risk me possibly being on Accutane again. So in about a month I'll be done with my regimen. I'll have pictures of next weekend. There's really no point in making up for this past weekend since virtually nothing has changed with my skin. The
  8. Glad to hear everything is going well for you.
  9. Hey, good luck with your course. You'll definitely get the results you're hoping for. As for the headache, I noticed them at the beginning of my course. After a month or so I rarely got them and if I did, I don't believe it was due to the Accutane. Just make sure you're drinking a decent amount of water to keep yourself hydrated. It will help with the oncoming dryness that you'll probably start to see within the next two weeks. Best of luck to you.
  10. Welcome to the boards! You're pretty much bound to get an IB to some degree. From there on, you'll get the occasional breakout, but don't confuse that with an IB. An IB is a one time deal. You have it once and then everything else is just a normal breakout. Don't get too down about all of that though. It's not worth the energy. In order for the Tane to work, you need to breakout. Just stay positive and remember you're doing this for the end result, not instant gratification. Best of luck!
  11. Day 144 I'm pretty awful with updates these days but it's mainly due to the fact that I have nothing to say. I haven't had a breakout in weeks and my marks are healing well. The only familiar thing is the dryness which isn't even that bad anymore. Life in general has just been really nice lately. No stress, just relaxation. Sleeping as long as I want and stuffing my face with food on my own schedule, haha. I quit my job to free up some time considering I worked through my entire first year of
  12. I've worked out as usual through out my entire regimen taking all the same supplements. I don't see why you'd have a problem afterwards.
  13. Looking better each week, man. Hope everything works out for you better this week.