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  1. I know I haven't been around in a while...but I had to come back and post some monumental information. I have a zit. Yes. I have a zit. This doesn't sound like good news, or even very monumental, but let me explain. You see...I have...ONE zit. That's it. And it's the first one I had in weeks. So...while I'm not celebrating the fact that I have a pustule on my chin...it's very nice to know that I just have one to deal with. That it isn't part of a bigger problem. Just one zit. I feel like a
  2. Smart boy I have a question for you. Did the Tazorac help with your scars if you have any? Hello. Did the Tazorac help with your scars if you have any? I don't have much of an issue with scarring right now. It may be because of the micro-derm abrasions I had last year, or it might be because of the Tazorac. I have a feeling the Taz at least helped a little bit. Still have quite a few red spots, but they fade with time. The derm even said that it can take a while.
  3. I'm in LA. Came out for an internship at a production company. That whole Hollywood thing...I'm a Midwesterner at heart though, and I always will be! Thanks for the advice on the chin. I apply BP every other night, but I think I'll start applying it every night just on the chin. Everywhere else on my face (besides one or two occasional small spots) is never a problem. I was getting really frustrated that I was still breaking out occasionally, even if it wasn't that many spots, it's like there
  4. I'm so glad things are still going well for you. It always seemed like we were in the same boat with the whole acne issue. Having such stubborn skin...and treatments that worked...but just took a little bit more time than normal. I'm also doing well. Most of my face is doing well, but I break out frequently on my chin (may sound familiar to you!!!) It's not too bad. Usually just one zit at a time...two tops. After all I've been through, it's hard to get angry over one or two zits. I'm sure you
  5. I had SEVERE acne when I started. Doctor almost wanted to go to accutane. Yes. Ever so slowly...(I have a log on here called Tazzzzzorac Journal you can check out) At least 3 months before results started to show up. Then from there things slowly got better. And I do mean slowly. It's been a year and my skin is still not perfect (but MUCH better than it ever was) I wish I could say it gave me perfect skin, but that it did not. .1%
  6. That could be it. I think it's possible that you want a larger and more powerful dose of a topical retinoid when fighting stubborn acne, but once you're just applying it for maintenence purposes, you may not need as much.
  7. I'M STILL HERE! Life has been crazy, and I haven't really checked in on these boards lately, but I felt like I owed it to the forum to come back to check up on things. These boards got me through a LOT of hard times with acne, and if anyone out there is currently going through what I went through, then I want my experiences to be able to help them. So I do have a new story. A new reason to post something. Let's call this story..."I've never seen a pea THAT big before. Why less can be more" M
  8. Long time no see! Glad you are doing well, still. I'm sure the flakiness can be a but of a pain, but I'd take dry skin over stubborn acne any day!
  9. Good for you! I find myself coming to the boards less and less as my acne no longer controls my life, and its nice to see that you're doing so well also!
  10. Sadly, as time goes by, I feel less and less of a need to post here. The fact is, I only update when acne is on my mind, and as of lately, acne is not often on my mind! I had my last micro-derm a few weeks ago and went in for a follow-up with the derm. He said everything looks great and to stay on my current regimen. He also said that there's no need for me to be coming in so often anymore. In fact, he doesn't want to see me until February! Right now I have a few small and pretty much inact
  11. It was a rough couple of days. I really felt like my progress had not only halted but reversed. I thought my face was doing terrible...and it really got me down. Then I go for my micro derm and the girl says "Well your face is looking better!" Oh.... Maybe my perception is a bit skewed. Done with the microderms, back for a followup with the doc in a few weeks. I wonder if he'll take me off the duac. He originally prescribed it for me to take care a lot of my active spots, but now that there
  12. and how cool is THAT? :cool: very VERY cool! A bad breakout these days is about the same as what I would have considered an AMAZING skin day a few months ago. Not that I ever had any... I got a new moisturizer. It's neutrogena, non-comedogenic..that whole thing. This is the Combination Skin formula and is supposed to keep the dry parts from being dry and the oily parts from getting shiny. I don't apply it on a daily basis. Just as needed, which is usually every 3 days or so. So far I
  13. doing a little bit better today, I suppose. My face is still in recovery mode. A few spots and red marks, but not a whole lot of new development...hmmmm just hope things are back to normal (because "normal" is now NOT having bad acne :) ) by Thanksgiving!
  14. good luck! sounds like all is going well! yeah, I still get a few microzits too...but after all i've been through, a microzit is nothing to worry about. I'd take that compared to a big gross pustule any day!
  15. thanks for the encouraging words! Seems things are already starting to calm down. It's amazing what a few days of relaxing and staying low can do!