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  1. I'm 16 and i took Accutane. I did have joint pain and dry lips that about it. If your doctor recommended it then you should go on it. It was a miracle for me. I went from having a lot of acne to having NONE
  2. Have any of you guys heard of AcuScar Cream before and if you have how was it? was it good? Can you tell me alittle about it before i buy it. Here is the link to it [Removed]
  3. How long do you think it would take to go away if i don't do any of that? Also is putting lemon on my face going to help it out at all?
  4. Hey, I am new to the forums. My name is Joey. I was wondering what kind of scars are they, are they really bad or not so bad? How long would it take it to go away? I also was on accutane and i finished it about 6months ago. Right now i only been apply lemon to try to get rid of the redness and scaring. Please help