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  1. Well i totally stoped touching my face eveywere.... i clensed twice a day useing povonia exfloating cleaner.. and at night before bed i put BenzaClin i got from my derm. it took my about 6 1/2 months before i was looking clear.. o yeh and i drink lemon water everyother day for the red marks
  2. Well my acne is pretty much gone, just a couple of red marks and some small scars, what is the best overall moisturizer i should use that will not break me out? thanks for the help
  3. lmfao... DAN please get in here and tell them that oatmeal does not cause acne
  4. thats AWESOME>> I did the exact same thing. I was soo fed up with my acne i just gave up and stoped poping the pimples and quit looking in the mirror. At night i would put my BP on just with my TV on in the room so i would hae some light but not enough to see my RED acne. now i'm all the way clear. i definetly reconmend that you people with bad acne just to try to never look at your face and just foget yo even have acne. IT Works!
  5. My Derm just gave perscribed me to Clindagel (clindamycin phosphate gel) does anybody know if this stuff is any good or what? Thanks a million for the help
  6. Well today i played football out in the sun and forgot to put sunscreen on and my face got alil pink... not to bad tho. I was wondering if i should just put the BP on my face tonight or put some aloe on instead? thanks for the help
  7. where can you get this mandelic serum??
  8. I have a couple red pimples under my skin.. shouldi pop them or leave them alon? How do I get them to reach the surface? Thanks 4 the help
  9. what is this mandelic stuff.. what is the brand.. and what does it do?
  10. hate waiting.. to boring.... do you know any good products that would speed up the healing process... what cleanser are u using?
  11. Well i'm pretty much all cleared up now except for acouple of small pimles... but i was wondering how do i get rid of the Red dots? I have a TON of them.. please somebody help me out ..> Thanks
  12. Does the cetaphil normal to oily skin liquid soap have SLS in it? If it does, why would it iritate my skin??? and what soap should i use if not that Thanks for your help