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  1. Hey! I have just sent u a msg.

  2. Well, I gave up on anything antibiotic a long time ago when I realised that they just don't solve the problem. They are a short term fix. Usually hormanal acne is acne on the jawline and around the mouth area, it is not usually related to the cheek area. When you go see your derm, tell them everything you have used in the past, how bad your acne can get (photos of when your acne was at its worst is good at this point) and ask lots of questions on what might be causing your acne. When I went,
  3. When sugar worsens your acne, taking it with Sunny D Isn't an option!
  4. I've had a bit of a dodgy stomach after my ACV drinking. Has anyone else noticed they feel ill when taking it. Its like my stomach is all loose inside and empty. Weird feeling. Maybe it is just a coincidence?
  5. I have the same problem. Dry skin but oily at the same time, its bizarre! I find using Apple Cider Vinegar topically works for the grease and also softens the dry areas, its really goog. I have also started to take ACV internally and the greas on my face has diminished greatly and it even glows!
  6. You should be able to pick up where you left off, 2 weeks is hardly anything.
  7. I wash mine with warm. Cold doesn't take the dirt or the grease off.
  8. I dry heaved this morn when taking my ACV Makes me feel sick just thinking about it! I Have to hold my nose, down it, and have a mint ready, because the after taste....urggghhhhhhhh!
  9. What is worse, having to apply BP or having a sore bumpy chin??? I used to have the same problem. My chin was a nightmare and they are so sore and sensitive round that area. BP is great for those areas, and you don't have to use is everyday if you feel you can't manage it. Apply to your chin every night until you feel no more bumps, then swtich to sudocrem to keep your chin soft and moisturised and red-free. Another alternative is to get some hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration). You can get
  10. I've been using B5 for 2 years now and it has cleared me completely. I am on 1 tablet per day now instead of the original 21 per day!
  11. I have been using ACV on my face for months now and it helps loads. However, I noticed that my skin lacked a glow and looked drab even when I was clear, so I have started taking ACV internally too. This is my 3rd day now, I hate the stuff, itmakes me want to throw up, but I am gonna persevere and see what happens!