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  1. One thing I have developed in the last 10 years is a love for gardening and nature. I have created the most gorgeous back garden which attracts all sorts of wild life. It's only a small garden, but I have foxes, squirrels, wild birds, hedgehogs visiting me ... it has given me so much pleasure and peace. It gives me space to think and meditate on life. _________________ Maya, It sounds like Paradise to me. I could spend hours upon hours just sitting in a place like that, absorbing all the be
  2. I feel the same way. Everyone's posts here are so eloquent, I feel I can't add much else, but I was a cute kid and a good looking teenager and then all hell broke loose. I have always felt that fate played a cruel trick on me because I really always thought that I was going to coast through life on my good looks (pathetic, I know, and I am truly ashamed to admit that. Weird, too, for a guy to feel that way...but I did). When that didn't happen because of my acne scars (and resulting desire to wi
  3. Thanks, Maya, I'll check out the Kinerase lotion on eBay. In the meantime, maybe I'll also go back to the regular CP Serum. I think it made my skin look better (healthier color and texture). Hey, how were we to know that the Super CP would be problematic and such a bummer (for some of us)? Did your final scab go away yet?? Wow...20 + days...You deserve some kind of medal! =D>
  4. Yes, same here. I used the regular CP for over a year and a half, religeously. The regular CP didn't break me out and when I 'upgraded' to the Super CP, by skin would get something almost like a rash (red and irritated with clogged pores) and I would break out. At this point, back in August, I discontinued the CPs and started using Kinerase and noticed my skin jump started a healing process. So my skin looked better when I stopped the CPs completely. I don't know why the Super Serum breaks ever
  5. The regular CP Serum doesn't break ME out, but the SUPER CP Serum does. I guess it must be the Salicylic Acid in it (and yet, when I have used other SA products in the past, I never broke out. I just don't get it...) I thought I was upgrading when I moved to Super CP after using the regular CP for several months, but I don't call getting my first new pimples in 3 or 4 years, "upgrading". I guess I'll have to go back to the Regular CP serum. I wanted to hasten my results and I thought the l
  6. Anna and Craig, when it comes time to start working on the book, I'll be all ears if you wish to participate. John
  7. I know...I thought Neosporin would be just as good. What can I say? I screwed up. #-o
  8. The other day Maya said (in jest, I think) that I should write her story one day. Well, it's funny you should say that, Maya, because... It HAS been a (long-range) goal of mine to someday write a book on the lives of people who have struggled for years with acne, and acne scars. I think the rest of the public who have had trouble-free skin their whole lives should know all about our struggles, our never-ending quest to self-educate and to learn about ourselves, and especially, about our deter
  9. I really think I didn't apply it correctly. I know I didn't use a Q-tip (I used the dropper) and I probably applied too much. MY mistake. I wonder if a laser would get rid of the damage I've done.
  10. I wanted to warn others who may be considering using Compound W for removal of body keloids that it can possibly make things worse. I had a small keloid (no bigger than a dime, I would say) on my upper arm (bicep) region that I decided to treat with daily applications of Compound W. I applied it two days in a row--there was no stinging, or undue burning. The area "frosted" over with a white, occlusive film but I noticed that over the two days the frosted area seemed to expand and become larger t
  11. The Mandelic Acid 10% serum never broke me out but I recently upgraded to the 15% serum and for the last two days I've had breakouts (which I haven't had for the past 3 or 4 years). I am thinking this new acne is due to either the 15% mandelic serum or Dr. Pickart's Super CP Serum, which I also recently "upgraded" to, from the regular CP Serum (which never caused me to break out). I agree that the mandelic serum keeps oily skin at bay, at least temporarily (for me, anyway).
  12. Thank you, Miguel. You sound like an excellent person to research these boards for your friend. I, too, would be interested in purchasing the Hebemin cream from you. Please PM me and let me know the specifics. Thanks again. John
  13. Hi, Emma, You will? Have you done the TCA on yourself and were you happy with it? I want to use it on the area that I had needled in November (my temple scars), and perhaps one or two scars on my chin. After hearing what Maya plans on doing tomorrow, I suddenly want to go for it, too... Let's talk more about this. You're a sweetheart to offer me your assistance. Thanks, Emma. John
  14. Beautiful, inside and out Gutsy with a capital G Big heart, wonderful spirit Fortitude and dedication... All these describe our Maya. Good luck, Maya. And your scabs will be beautiful...as you are to us.