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  1. Mr Andrew

    Fat loss after subcision

    @beautifulambition Was the fat loss due to the fact that I got nokor subcision? Because the derm was too aggressive? Or was it an inflammatory response to the swelling? If I do decide to go with Rullan for cannula subcision, will there be the risk of more fat loss again from the swelling (without filler)? Can sculptra be done right after subcision? Also, once the sculptra fades will the scars look the same or possibly worse?? Finally, what should I do about the hypertrophic scar on my
  2. Mr Andrew

    Fat loss after subcision

    Heres the before and after Before: taken November 2018 After: taken Feb 2019 I can confirm that the cyst that was excised is now a hypertrophic scar (smaller circle) Overall, I feel like the quality of my skin has not improved after my subcision and if anything, I think that it may have gotten worse with more volume loss having occurred. I will be adding more before and after pictures with different lighting in the coming days/weeks.
  3. Mr Andrew

    Fat loss after subcision

    Hello all, I’ve been on this site for quite some time, seeing other people make progress with their scarring treatments, so in early December I finally got subcision done with a dermatologist in Long Beach. I decided to take a week and a half off of work to heal. I have all types of scarring: ice pick scars, some box car scars, rolling scars (with fat loss) and hypertrophic scars/sebaceous hyperplasia on my nose. The scarring affects my temples, cheekbone area and t-zone. My forehead, jaw/
  4. Dude, I know how you feel, whether scarring is severe, mild, or light, it can have a huge effect on our self esteem. It took me a long while, but I'm not as self conscious about my scarring as I once was, and my scarring is WAYYY more noticeable than yours is. And yeah lighting is the first thing I think of wherever I'm at, but we really have to try to be optimists in these situations. I mean, there are some ACTORS who have more noticeable scarring than yours and these people make a living off o
  5. Mr Andrew

    Popped A Pimple That Was Under The Skin..?

    NOOOO. Don't wanna worry you, but see your derm about the chance of scarring
  6. Mr Andrew

    Scars On Forehead And Nose, Orange Peel

    Dude, first of all your skin is not bad... it's not perfect like Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pratt, and yes, the texture is there on your forehead, but it's nothing to be stressing about! Secondly, there are people on this website (including myself) that would trade their skin for yours in a heartbeat, BE GRATEFUL it looks how it looks RIGHT NOW, one day you can wake up with worse skin and you'd be wishing that your skin looks how it does now because you don't know what you have until its gone!! And
  7. I'm a male, 20 year old college student who has been dealing with heavy acne and acne scarring for about a year and a half now. My problems with acne have been around since 10th grade, but it was never anything severe, I had a few pimples that would come and go, one at a time in different areas of my face, but other than that, my most affected area was my t-zone on my face, which was less than mild. So fast forward to 2013 in my second semester at college, I had two large red pimples on my left