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  1. I agree with Ylem i had over 20 smoothbeams because insurance covered it and it didn't do jack to my pitted scars infact i think it made some of my scars look worst
  2. i had 12 total smoothbeams a little over 1 year ago and i have to say that i dont see any improvements from it, infact i think it caused some new scars.
  3. mrstupor how much did the treatment cost you and rustymetal how are your results holding up??
  4. hello i have been researching this procedure for years and i have only read good if not great results from exoderm especially performed by dr rullan. There are people in this board who have had this procedure done if u do a search im sure you will find there posts. I hope that all goes well and please keep us updated. - Mikey
  5. ann, how did your excision turn out did it help make the scars less visible??
  6. does anybody ever heard of this procedure??
  7. it will fade with time as long as u dont break out with new acne it will fade mine faded quite a bit after 3 1/2 years but it does still get pretty red when i exercise.
  8. i had this filler injected for $400 the results were good for rolling scars but it only lasted for about 1 1/2 month.
  9. thats pretty cheap but do u we know if the dr is any good?? if they were then i would be getting one every year im phillipino and i go to the phillipines every year or so, just curious but r u phillipina s214?
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    y0ou are sooooooooooooooooo cute
  11. sounds like your right meet peet it seems that they take a graft then put it under the skin like a filler. "LiveFill â„¢ is placed underneath the areas that need filling, such as lips, smile lines, under eye areas, and in hollow areas in the face that come with age. LiveFill â„¢ is usually taken from an incision in the lower abdomen." He is a link which shows some patients that had LiveFill fill some Nasiolabial folds and sunken in areas http://www.drbrent.com/livefill.php the procedur
  12. hey guys im from chicago myself and i 2 need to find a way to fix these scars i dont know of anybody real good around here i guess we need to travel. if u guys need a good dermotlogist i go to dr barsky she did smoothbeam on me but unfortunately the results were dismal, she is located in oakbrook.
  13. I believe scarred4life? is the one that has been getting silicone injection from a doctor from NY, maybe he can post and confirm??
  14. My insurance paid for my smoothbeam treatments 6 of them i just had to pay a deductable of 20bucks per treatment. Unfortunatly the smoothbeam only gave me very little results which eventually faded over time
  15. Elmhurst IL what a small world i live at elmhurst IL where is Dr Kovak clinic located in elmhurst?? i hope that thing go well and please keep us updated.
  16. Mikey


    What is AlloDerm? AlloDerm is a dermal graft/implant material made from donated skin and processed by the LifeCell Corporation. It is strictly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as is any other donated human tissue material indicated for transplantation, including kidneys, hearts, corneas, bone and other tissues generously donated by individuals or their families. With AlloDerm, the epidermis, or top layer of cells, and the cells in the dermis are removed from the donor ti
  17. Im not sure what my 1/4 is I have not run it yet Im guessing maybe mid to high 14's Im only boosting 8 psi on a T28 turbo.
  18. Its funny you say that amnesiac because I just decided yesterday that I was going to sell my"baby"( 1999 Honda Prelude with over 5k of mods) I really hate doing it because it has givin me so much joy in the past but lately my scars has taken over my life. I lost everything due to my scars and I know the only way to fix it is to sell my "baby" for some money and fix these damn scars. My scars are fairly moderate to severe to a point where i dont feel like its me anymore, that Im living anothe
  19. Its funny since I started using BP I noticed that it seems like i have been getting some new scars?? Where did you read this information?? Are you saying that when u get a pimple it turns into scar or scars just apear out of no where.
  20. Poe Im of phillipino descent I was born there and speak the language. Thanks for sharing with us your experience with dermabrasion and please keep us updated, again your looking really great your a real hottie
  21. Poe your looking good congrats on the improvement I have always thought that dermabrasion was not an option for asian but your proof that it can be done. May I ask you what part of asia you are from?? your nationality??
  22. to meet peet i was just wondering how big was the area that were taken from your cheeks??
  23. meet pete I was wondering if you had a link to you scars I want to have my scars excised off to but want to see what it kinda looks like after words I checked the gallery but cannot find your pictures. How many of your scars were excised?? and how much did the procedure cost you??