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  1. I work a job. My diet is expensive, but I save money never buying snacks, sauces, drinks or takeaway.
  2. It's because of the hormonal evironment that fating puts the body in. fasting slows down metabolism, lowers insulin, stablises blood sugar, lowers leptin and lowers body temperature. It lowers all biomarkers of aging and invariably disease risk. The key to maintaining clear skin is to eat a diet that keeps the body in a hormonal state as similar as possible to that of a fast. i.e. a low calore ketogenic diet.
  3. Masturbation may not cause acne, but may still be connected. An overactive sex drive is a sign of fast aging and unhealthy hormone levels in the body - which happen to also be the causes of acne. So masturbation may not cause acne, but what causes someone to want to masturbate uncontrollably also causes acne, and thus a correlation exists.
  4. like all diseases a sympton of accelerated aging.
  5. if you are eating fruits and vegetables you aren't fasting The weight loss you experienced is probably largely water weight. When you start eating it will come back very quickly.
  6. maybe not masturbation per se (but its possible), though the same hormonal state that makes one have an uncontrollable sex drive 24/7 and therefore masturbate alot is also a hormonal state that promotes acne. So maybe not causastion, but correlation.
  7. burn victim resemblance I also tried a (failed) course of Accutane.
  8. "we're not talking about small parts. WHO daily established protein requirements indicate protein should be between 10-15% of daily calories. Most americans consume more than triple this on a daily basis" all their protein is not from meat "any carb you consume is broken down into sugar whether its a fast or slow insulin release the net effect is still the same." ok thx. "glucose by itself (processed or not) cannot contain mutagenic or cancer causing substances. So while a low carb diet may
  9. I would eat nothing. Sounds like you're having to eat rushed, which is not good for digestion.
  10. Lifestyle (diet/sleep) is the reason for hormone imbalance. Improve the lifestyle improves the hormone balance.
  11. the 'studies' dont take into account that only 10% of the diet is meat and that 60% is sugar. The 60% is to blame. It is not the cooking of the meat, the quality of the meat or any such thing. The diet of a person who got cancer is observed and the cancer is blamed on specific parts of the diet (usually determined by who is sponsoring the study). Often the majority of the diet is ignored (sugar) and insigificantly small parts are blamed (red meat). example of these studies diet person who
  12. I think you either follow my advice, or you are simply wasting your time and your skin. A 1-2 day water fast while being very restful and relaxed to start the diet change would be helpful as well.
  13. they have 4 stomachs and a much more complex digestive system. They are more efficient at extracting nutrients from low quality food. Obvious answer.
  14. Nothing but grass fed beef. 70% fat, 30% protein, + a 30% reduction in overall calorie intake. Skin will be cleared, non negotiable.