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  1. I was 19, it's been almost 10 months (still 19) here are pics of it now i just applied some topical metronidazole and it seems to have shrunken some of the acne now its mostly scarring ive also noticed my nose is becoming red, porous and thick maybe i was using too much benzoyl or salycilic acid on it?
  2. The first pic is a year ago when I was starting my first year of college it's an id pic, so it's not that clear/close up, but you can tell my skin is good for a few months before then, i had become obsessive about diet and was drinking like 2-3 gallons of water a day, apple cider vinegar, was doing low carbs (most days anywhere from 0- 100g, with a carb up maybe once a week of junk food) but i was trying to get very low bodyfat, some days during that summer i was only eating around 1000 cal
  3. I think my acne is completely linked to whatever I caught in China. I'm 19, I visited China (Shanghai) 5 months ago. Never drank their tap water outright, but probably ingested a little bit of it. I think I used the tap water to both rinse toothbrushes and stuff like that and also to rinse my neilmed Sinus rinse bottle. While there, my mom got really sick, just something viral that caused lots of coughing and cold symptoms, and was pretty much bedridden the entire time. I then got diarrhea