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  1. Hi everyone, I suffered from cystic acne from the age of 16 it has now cleared up thankfully I only get an occasional whitehead but I was left with scarring. I did have some boxcar scarring and also some rolling scars so I researched and decided to get derma rolling (micro rolling) done, I done it once with a dermatologist but then started doing it myself at home and had some good results as my boxcar and rolling scars are now gone. Unfortunately I am still left with small pitted holes that
  2. My doctor advised me to only wash once a day in the morning as water feeds acne the supplements needed to carry on spreading. Idk though my acne is pretty much the same after stopping washing twice a day.
  3. Hi I have been suffering with acne for two years now finally it has reduced to just inflammation instead of inflammation and pimples. I have tried everything I could find on the internet to reduce redness and scars but nothing works! I stopped taking my zinc tablets because they inflamed my scars even more and I read they mess with your kidneys. I have also noticed my pores are very large and look like dents in my face, is this because of the acne or are they always going to be that visibly larg