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  1. Man, some of you are just cruel. Yes, I can keep my skin clear via diet. If I eat a lower carb diet, lower protein and higher fat diet my skin clears completely. What does eating spoonfuls of butter have to do with anything? My guess is that this diet keeps insulin under control and elevated insulin levels or IGF-1 have been linked to acne. I wouldn't advise anyone to follow this diet because there have been no studies showing that it is safe. I did find a study done in 1999 showing that
  2. You can also have die off symptoms when you lower carbs. Fasting programs also cause die off symptoms. All the different dietary factions have their own terms and explanations for the same phenomenon. How do you know that the antibiotics caused the yeast infection. The yeast infection may have developed on its own. It sounds like you are simply genetically intolerant to a year round high carb diet.
  3. Exactly! You have a good head on your shoulders. Once your dermatologist clears your skin, you can move on to bigger and better things. Who knows? Maybe medical school is in you future . Cheers, Mrs. Jenkins
  4. Considering that their diet is based around the sweet potato, yes, that does contribute to their long life spans. And silly, the Okinawans aren't comprised of just one woman. Their average life span is the highest on earth and they have the most people living over 100 years.
  5. Olympic athletes suffer from acne. Maybe you think they aren't working out enough.
  6. Ha ha ha. I always knew that was a completely sketchy explanation. Another sketchy line we get is that the products will make your skin worse before it gets better. This really saves their azz. Upon using their product, if your skin gets worse from it then they are safe. As a teen I bought the Clinique products. My skin seemed to be getting worse, but I kept waiting for everything 'to come to the surface'. Whatever.
  7. This candida diet sounds exactly like any low carb diet. The 'die off symptoms' happen to all people who dramatically lower starches and sugars. Low carb diets have completely different explanations for the exact same phenomenon. If the anti-candida diet works for you, it might have nothing to do with candida and everything to do with lowering your insulin levels and burning more fat for fuel.
  8. Current research is showing that it's not a high fat diet that causes insulin resistence, but a high fat-high carbohydrate diet. A diet full of fat and vegetables keeps insulin from sky rocketing. Not coincidentally, this makes my skin perfect as well.
  9. Potatoes aren't bad. In Okinawa, sweet potatoes are their main starch and they have the longest life span on earth.
  10. Acne is not hard to control nor is it difficult to treat. Obviously my dad knows more about this than I do, but good hygiene is always at the cornerstone of a good acne treatment. As far as I know, he has had complete success with most of his patients. Like I wrote previously, if my father's treatment isn't working it is because of failure to follow his orders. One patient didn't like the side effects of her Retin-A Micro cream so she started applying it just once a week. Well, duh, of cour
  11. My dad says that drug allergies and allergies in general are incredibly rare. People will often get a rash and falsely attribute it to their medication. Some patients can be hypochondriacs, constantly complaining of this disorder that they read about in a magazine and now they think they have it. I'm not saying that this is true for you, but you never know. A fever, for example could easily be caused by influenza. Doctors have to take calculated risks. With all the allergies you think you
  12. This is my opinion from an older, mature point of view. Do not date any girl who is less attractive than a supermodel. If you have any self esteem at all you will go for the very best and not some loser girl. Just because you have acne, doesn't mean you have to just date some half way cute chick. Go for the best looking girl in the club or a successful model. All successful men date models because they have confidence. Go for it, Mrs Jenkins
  13. Dermatologists are highly educated men who know your skin better than you do. What do you think they learn in medical school? All the advice they give and products they prescribe have been carefully researched. If your dermatologist's regime didn't work for you, then maybe you didn't do as he instructed. Dermatologists don't realize that their instructions are not that easy for the average patient to understand. Do not do anything except what your dermatologist recommended. If you did something
  14. So the people formulating make-up have severe acne and don't even believe in their own products? That can't be right. No wonder most of the make-up I've bought over the years I've had to return. And the big cosmetic experts have all used accutane? This sounds like a big joke.