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  1. havent heard of that... you guys mind educating me?
  2. I just furfilled a perscrition there for generic accutane and it cost me 170 dollars-- less than half of what it cost at wallgreens!!!! (i live in seattle if that makes a diffrence) whats cool for folks who dont know, they can't deny use of the pharmacy even if you don't have a costco card, I don't have one! just stroll in with your perscription and there ya go...
  3. ekk! im in my third week and my skin has been doing so well I hope I don't get a monster break out!!! anyone not get one? or is it just what happens to most people who take it?
  4. yep, they are almost more furstrating than the acne that causes it! the red mark just dont go away! I hear that you arnt supposed to have microdermabrasion or any treatments simmilar while on accutane, so thats a little frustrating too. but I hope it works!
  5. does acutane do anything to scars and/or discoloration?? I just started it yesterday, my derm was sort of in and out and I wasnt able to ask many questions.
  6. wha? that seems crazy! does it mess with the color in tattoos or is it just a question of healing? man I was just going to get a big tattoo and I just got a perscription for acutane
  7. not sure if you have costco where you are, but I guess its the law that they have to let people use the parmacy even if they dont have a "club mebership." I just bought my first perscription yesterday and I dont have insuracne my perscript cost $230 at wallgreensn (US dollars)
  8. cool, I use Cetaphil products already so maybe I should try that one first!
  9. ug my skin was clearing up really nicely and then I had to go use sunscrean! it totaly broke me out again what products work for, what DOESN'T break you out! help! oh yeah I used Oil of Olay, Olay Complete
  10. its true, men get away with imperfections. it seems like most guys only worry about this stuff if it is severe. most of the products you see advertised are for mild skin problems and age related stuff. men don't worry about age and its effects as much either, we all know that older men are seen as "hansome" while older women are seen as worn out. not fair but we all know that our current social system places a lot of preasure on us all to be attractive. you guys are right though, things are shif
  11. feelin for ya! before bad skin, I didn't worry about how it looked before I left the house, I HAD FUN getting ready to go to a show or face the day. I would be extra creative with my clothes and makeup. I'm into punk rock and I have a lot of pride in what I look like. after I got acne it was embarassing for me to go outside my skin is sooooooo much better than even two months ago but it still takes me forever to feel presentable enough to go out with my freinds. I used to go to shows by mysel
  12. im about to pick up the phone and make an appointment for a treatment at habitude in seattle. anyone have experiences with the treatment? kinda funny that they have an at home system at a spa, but if its worked for other folks-- hey why not!
  13. just did a search on ebay for "microdermabrasion" and all these products came up. (I just posted last night that I wouldn't try at home kits-- oh well!) does anyone know if any of these effective? whatcha guys think about those cloths? cant argue with some of the prices on there... rlush http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?c...crodermabrasion
  14. hey all I posted something simalar to this about 6 months ago, but didn't save the info that I need! I am looking for a derm in the north end of seattle (I live in greenwood), if anyone has a lead I would be so grateful! Thankfuly my acne has improved sooooooo much since I started reading this board. Right now only use neutrogena on-the-spot, cetaphil lotion, and a really mild lavender face wash for my skin. It has cleared up at least, oh a hundred and ten percent O:), BUT now I'm terrified to