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  1. oh come on i hit puberty couple years ago...this outbreak is wierdm do you guys think it might have anything to deal with shaving with the new gillete (mack turbo 3 nitro battery thingie whatever it is) for the first time before using any other razor?
  2. Im 14, male. Ok i had this random outbreak, and i generally have good skin, idk what happend. I got a tetnus shot--or however you spell it--for my physical. A week later i decide to shave for the first time. 3 days later i get this large acne outbreak for no reason. I dont know what to do, or why it happend. I sometimes it nuts...that might contribute to it. I started using salycic acid 2%...for about a couple of days now (2x). It is getting a tad worst every day. Any help?