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  1. Hi guys, In just under 2 weeks i'll be starting uni. For the past 4 years i've suffered with moderate to severe (on occasion) acne. I'm just wondering whether I will be the only person at uni with acne. Most people my age have grew out of it by now and I don't want to be that one weird kid who suffers with it. Also during the freshers week there will be alot of partying and drinking involved, my acne seems to be related to my diet and obviously the week of drinking will take it's toll. (Aft
  2. Hi guys, recently I read up of taking Vitamin B5 (Panthonetic Acid) In large doses. From what I could gather it works in a similar way to Accutane (greatly reduces oil production). I decided to try B5 as I tried accutane and it worked incredibly well and cleared up a great deal of my acne but I am not allowed on for a second course due to the severe side effects I experienced during my course. After researching B5 and Acne, I realised that there were many records of hair loss in people who
  3. Hey I noticed this too! My skins considerably less red and there's a more healthy glow to my skin nowadays. Although my acne is still there it's certainly helped my confidence alot!
  4. Thanks for the advice I'll just experiment with different fruits. Makes for a great breakfast though!
  5. Dolan stop trolling, I've edited my recipie so I only use half an apple, no banana and a handful of kale. Sounds better?
  6. I only put a few fruits in to make sure the smoothie isn't too bitter, plus I leave a lot of the pulp in the smoothie so I do keep a lot of the fibre. It's much healthier than a bottle of coke. I just heard it was good for acne and I'm desperate to get rid of mine so I thought I'd give it a go.
  7. Hi guys, recently I've heard of the supposed benefits of green smoothies. I was just wondering what your opinions are and whether they really help or not. Currently my smoothie recipie is: 1 Bannana 1 Apple 2 Handfuls of spinach Few sprigs of parsley Slice of ginger Small cup of water to achieve a more liquid consistency I tend to drink one in the morning and maybe at lunch depending on how I'm feeling, is this good? Any replies are appreciated, thanks in advance : )
  8. Hey thanks for the advice I can't really take fish oil as I'm vegetarian, any substitutes that do a similar job? And I'll have to look into the face wash never heard of it before but It sounds promising. Also I don't really moisturise too often as I find it makes my spots look more red but if it helps in the long run I'll give it a shot. Advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, for the past half a year or so my acne has grew steadily worse. As it has worsened i have become a much less social person and rarely enjoy going out due to the fear of ridicule of my skin. I've suffered with acne for the majority of my teenage years (19 Y/O now) (It was severe acne from 16-18) and I have tried many treatments including diet change, regular excersising, accutane, benzonyl peroxide, oxytetracyline and ethromycin. The accutane worked a treat but the side effects were seve
  10. Hey, I know it sucks having acne and it has absolutely wrecked my self confidence and made me a lot less social. But it's not the end of the world, eventually it will go away It's just a case of finding your triggers and altering your diet. I don't know about an escape from reality, but in all honesty that's what not life is about if you don't try live it to the full then what's the point. Regardless of your acne, I suggest going out and trying new experiences. Diversify your life. You
  11. Hey guys, I have moderate acne on the sides of my face and on my chin that doesn't seem to go. Recently I was told dairy could be playing a big part in my struggle to get rid of acne and that I should cut it out. I have also browsed the internet and I only hear good things about the health benefits of green tea and it's anti inflammitory properties. So today I popped to the shops and picked up some green tea and almond milk as a substitute for my beloved milk. Just wondering if anyone has
  12. Hey guy's thanks for all the replies In response to the person who suggested I make diet changes, I have already tried cutting out the food types you mentioned and the only really one that caused any changes is dairy. Although I think this is due to the high fat nature of the majority of dairy products. Also I tried the 5% Benzonyl Peroxide cream recently and it only made my skin red and painful. I reckon I'll just be stuck with this for the rest of my life but I'd be content if I could
  13. Hey guys, completely new to this site but I thought I'd give it a go. From about the age of 15 y/o I've had acne, it steadily grew more and more severe over the years until it reached the point when I decided to take a course of accutane at the age of 18 After 9 miserable months I was off the medication and could finally be confident again, for the next few months life was great and things were going well. Recently my bad skin has started to come back with avengance, I don't eat un