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  1. Hello!

    I wanted to hear some advice from people that have taken accutane or that know very well how it works.

    So, i am 15 years old, and i weigh around 63 kg. This winter i was prescribed 6 months of accutane but i only managed to do 4 because then it was summer. For the first two months i took 20 mg a day, for the last 2 30 mg a day. My skin stayed perfectly clear for a month then little tiny pimples started coming back and in the last two weeks every morning i'm waking up to new spots every day! Did anyone else notice this happening? Especially people that did not manage to finish the course. The only difference is that my spots this time are in a different area rather than before accutane, before i got them all over my cheeks and forhead, now on my nome and around the nose..Did this happen to anybody?

    So, yesterday i went to my derm and he prescribed me other 4-5 months on 30 mg a day. He sayed that i should not worrie that my spots came back this time, because i had not yet reached enought of it in my sistem to work permamently. He sayed that after this second course i should be fine. I am just scared that it happens like the first time and that after three months they are back!! Any medical advice?

    Now i will show you three photos

    1) The first one is before accytane

    2)The second one are the red marks that were left when i was clear in the summer

    3) The third one is when they started coming back..








  2. Hello :( I really nead some moral support!

    So, i am a 15 year old girl. I have acne from when i was maby like 11 but it go worse and

    worse so more or less a year ago my parents took be t the dermatologist.

    I was really hoping he would start me off with accutane from the beggining cause i was

    nearly sure it was going to be the only thing that would work, in the last few years i had tried

    several creams&co and nothing had ANY effect on my spots.

    But like you all know a derm cant give you accutane just like that, so he started with giving me

    a 'cream', and like i knew did no effect at all. After a coupple of moths of this i was hoping i would finally

    get my accutane but no. He poot me on an antibiotic that, if i have to bee sincere actually worked

    for the time that i was on it (like a month). But an other month passed before i went to the derm and

    in that moth i got compleatly COVERED in spots. Bye that time i was really mad and i actually had

    a histerical breakout at the doctors (ehehe.) He sayd that even if my acne was not sooo sever (i never had cyst or anyting) he would poot me on accutane only cause acne was having bad influence on my life.

    I was like so happy! He poot me on 20 mg a day, and im around 60 kg so to me it seemed a little low but

    i thought better than nothing. The first two moths by acne was kind of clearig but i still got breakouts, and i was kinda annoyed..there had been not one single day without a brakeout. So when we went back in March he poot me up to 30 mg, the situation got a little better but to be sincere for all the time i was on accutane i stll got little pimples, never ALL clear. But, after other two months on 30 mg the summer came and i had to stop. So, only when i stopped the accutane on the first moth I was totally clear for the first time in years!

    The problem was that i was fool of red marks and really worried about them..but even after a month of being 'ok' little pimples started coming back..and slowly slowly they came back and now it's sptember and i'm fool of spots again. I'm going to the derm next week and i don't know what i should ask him for..pleas any advice? I am so sad..i thought at least this would work :(

  3. Hey, i am a 15 year old girl and i took accutane for 4 months this winter. The strange thing for me has been that i did not get COMPLEATLY clear till finishing the treatment..i know it sounds strange, but for all the four moths i stll got brakeouts! Even on the third moth i got a terrible one and i was wondering if maybe i had something wrong..but exactly when i finished my skin like cleared up and i did not get anything for months! Now it's back and it sucks..but it's all normail that it does not work in the beggining don't worrie :)

  4. Hey there everyone :(

    I really need some good advice..so, i am a 15 year old girl and i have been on accutane

    for 4 months this winter, plus the contraceptive pill.

    Now i'm off it all from 2 months and my T-zone is starting to get fool of little pimples..

    i'm just finishing my period and it might be that but i'm still quite scared..

    Should have accutane not stopped this happening? Is it normal?

    I need some advice :(

  5. Hey, i really really need some advice!

    I have been on accutane for 4 months this winter and till now i was kind of clear (off it from little more than a month). But in the last few days i went to the beach and the pool..and got sunburned at the top of my cheeks like just under my eyes and around my nose..and a few days after that i started to get spots in this area :( I am really scared! Is it my acne coming back or is it an affct of the sun? Pleas pleas pleas help me...i am terrified..

  6. Helloo everyone:)

    I have been on accutane for 4 months this winter and fortunally all my big spots are gone!:)

    I never had cysts but i was fool of spots all over my face..

    Unfortunally i am left with these red marks..should i be worried?

    My derm told me that they should just go..do they look serius?

    Did anyone have anything similar and can tell me in how much time they fade away, or

    if you did anything for them?

    Thanks a lot to anybody that will answer!<3<3



  7. Hey eveyone, i am a 15 year old girl and i hav been on accutane for nearly three months now..

    The problem is that i live in Italy and here it is very sunny already in April/May , my doctor sayd i should stay out of the Sun but it's practicly impossible! I love sunbaving and all my friends are starting to go to the beach..i would wear suncream but i am still kinda breaking out and i heard that Sun cream is not good for the skin:(

    Can anyone tell me why i should stay out of the sun? Or what happens if i don't?


    Ps. Look what a lovely day!

  8. Hey, i am very new too here but i thought i could try to help out.

    So, i will start buy saying that i am only 15 so mabye i'm to young to be any help..

    So, i can tell you that one of the things that helps me the most with my acne is knowing i'm not alone..for example reading these forums, because you must not think you are the only one going throgh all of this:)

    And even if there is no way to cure your skin you can work on your confidence, we are all here together with the same problem!

    You are not alone!