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  1. Adam if you don't like the post, don't comment it, if it gives someone else hope then that's a good thing
  2. Great thank you guys!! I'll look out for AHA. I think these sort of spots are the worst around, they are just so huge. It's like spot upon spot
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, sorry have only just seen them. Sorry what's AHA? Is that something for red marks? If so, I need it!! Is Neospirin an antibiotic or lotion?
  4. I'm not sure how severe your acne is..but have you tried BP?
  5. I'm still looking for the miracle cream too! Drinking lots of water and taking zinc tablets is supposed to help. However i've found the best cure is literally just time. The red marks do fade, eventually. Some can take months which is annoying!! However if you haven't had any spots around your chin for a while, you have a better chance of clearing quicker!!
  6. Hey, I would definately jump on the Accutane wagon here too. Have a look at some of the Accutane galleries, you can get a real view of how Accutane clears up severe acne. Really think it would be worth you at least trying it. Keep us up to date with your progress
  7. The fact is, it could be worse. It could be a million times worse. But that's no comfort when you feel like you can't even leave your house or even talk to anyone properly at home because of how you feel about your skin. People could easily look at me and think i'm over reacting or that 'it could be worse'. It just doesn't help the situation. I agree with others that have said it's something people say to make you feel better, but personally, I just can't get any comfort from the saying
  8. Hey Hellstorm, First of all, try not to be too self conscious. I don't know how bad your acne is (you even said it's not that bad), but if you are wanting to be with this person sometime soon, you may be waiting quite a while for it to dissapear first? Remember that this person wouldn't be your bf in the first place if he didn't fancy you
  9. I have red marks that I hate too :(.. the only thing that really gets rid of those is time!! I do find a nice sunbed can help wonders though for fading them (would love to use real sun..but i'm in the UK lol!)!!

  10. Thanks for your comment! Everyone is so sweet on here! Lol. I'm happy my skins healing but it's got me thinking I might have had a staph infection from my peel! I'm nervous. I hope it goes away! The red marks are horrible though!!

  11. you look super pretty in your picture *jealous* :P but yeah same with me, i care too much about what the others say. i work with a bunch of blunt people who just speak their mind, and they are all fairy good looking.. so i feel like i just don't fit in when i don't have confidence in myself.. i've never called in just for acne, but i may have to someday. PEOPLE IN THE U.K. GET ACNE!? lol... it's kind of a joke, but not really.. i feel like they all have perfect skin. i wish i were a br
  12. SAME!

    Goodnight dear, hope you sleep well, have a great day tomorrow!

    See you


  13. I've never been there, it's quite far away from London I think (where I am). Yeah I want the sun to come back out and help my skin!!

  14. aw, well I think you are!

    Yep from Durban, Living in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

    now. you know it?

    Weather is Gorgeous and Hot for a change! (well it *was*)

    = ]