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  1. Oh that is great! So glad you have managed to find a solution. Don't beat yourself up about it, we are all guilty of rushing into things when we know its probably wise not to in hope for faster results (been there done that haha). You are on the right track! Give it time and you will soon see your efforts paying off. Have a nice day
  2. Hey Starbucks07, I am currently 6 weeks into the regimen and I've had a similar experience with very dry and flakey skin, but not to the severity you've mentioned. May I ask how much benzoyl peroxide you're using at the moment? I would suggest reducing the amount of BP and/or perhaps cut down to applying the treatment only in the evenings until your skin becomes accustomed to it. Are you also incorporating the jojoba oil with your moisturising routine? The part you mention about breaking out in
  3. Everyones experience with the acne.org regimen differ in many ways, some get completely clear skin in the first few weeks of using the regimen whilst others see an improvement after several months, some don't experience any flaking whilst some have extremely flakey skin for the first few months followed by smooth skin. Not to mention a number of other variables that can hinder ones success on the regimen. I too am on the regimen (this being my second round at it, and the two experiences are slig
  4. Hello bbaye, Dan has mentioned in a video on the acne.org youtube channel that some people don't experience any sort of discomfort at all from using the AHA (as it was in my case) but that does not mean it is not working. Your skin is likely more resilient than most. I would be careful with using too much of the AHA all at once, I believe the recommended amount once your skin has adjusted is a finger length amount. Hope this helps.
  5. Hiya, I too live in the UK, and found it tricky to get a hold of BP. Back when the Benzoyl Peroxide was easily available I used Quinoderm 5% and that completely rid me of my acne (following Dan's regimen). However when it was discontinued due to production issues, I switched to Panoxyl 10..It didn't have the same effect, and found the high strength irritating to my skin and made matters worse. I've found that most Boots and Superdrugs in the UK have a BP called Acnecide gel and it comes in a