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  1. Thanks for the response Lurker. My acne is coming back a little bit more, but I think it is because I haven't been very religious about doing the regimen the last week or so. An oil-control agent sounds so appealing and I may have to look into it. I can't stand having a shiny face!
  2. Since I have started the gel (which I do love) my face looks really greasy/oily during the day. Am I probably applying too much? I didn't seem to have this problem with the Neutrogena, however, since it is now cost effective to do so, I use a TON of the bp gel! I appreciate any input.
  3. Ordered two bottles of your bp this morning Dan!!! Can't wait to get it. This really is a dream come true, especially for myself cause I can't get a decent gel without health insurance.
  4. Just hang in there man. And in all honesty I would take a couple big pimples over a bunch of tiny ones any day of the week. They will go away and others are likely to come, it is a vicious cycle but just stick with the regimen as best as you can and you will get some control over it. And for what it is worth I have been fighting this battle for almost 10yrs now (and Im sure others have been much longer) and that is even with a period of being on Accutane. Just stick to the regimen and try not to
  5. Yes, in fact I saw much better results with the Proactiv bp. I had barely any breakouts at all while using Proactiv, and now my skin is significantly worse since having to go back to the Neutrogena. Also, you will notice, atleast I did, that the Proactiv is a little irritating and causes more dryness than the Neutrogena but I still think it works better.
  6. I don't get it. My nose used to be one of the clearest parts of my face but now it truly is a disaster. It looks very oily, and there are a bunch of small pimples on it that form whiteheads as well. I never <knocking on wood> got these types of breakouts anywhere on my face, and the rest of my face is not nearly as bad. I don't suppose there is anything special I could do to this area? Or does anyone else experience that their nose is significantly worse then other areas of their face?
  7. For sure! I went out of town for two days and decided I was just going to take a little vacation from the regimen. Well sure enough that following week it looked like I took a round of buckshot to the face.
  8. I'm currently using On-The-Spot and when I wake up, the damn bp is a little crusty on my face. I sometimes try to take a towel to it and lightly brush off the residue but that is kinda irritating at times. My question I suppose is more about bp absorbtion. My variation of the regimen has me only applying the bp at night and this seems to work great for me, however, I was wondering that if I wash my face in the morning to get rid of the residual bp will I in fact be losing the effect of the bp fo
  9. If anything, you would want it to come to the surface and to a head. I think that if you already "feel" it under there, there is probably not a whole lot that can be done to stop that process. I have heard that applications of a warm towel to the area multiple times a day helps in surfacing the pimple a little more, but just like most things take the advice with a grain of salt.
  10. Can't wait Dan!!!! I don't think you can begin to realize how much everyone here appreciates what you are doing. Counting the days....
  11. My face significantly improved when I dropped to only using bp at night. But as others stated, find out what works for you.