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    Skintherapist, cosmetic sciencist in training.<br />Gym, swimming, travelling (London (l)), Movies and music!
  1. I use La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ Extreme Fluide and it doesn't make me shiny at all. Try a product like OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel
  2. Wait, did you use the Diode laser to treat acne scars but it caused scars? I did diode laser for a broken blood vassel not for a scar...but it indeed left a 'ice pick' behind...
  3. My derm told me I had to go to a plastic surgeon. I have 1 scar due to much laser (Diode laser against broken blood vassel), 1 from TCA infection and 1 from acne. The plastic surgeon will insert a wire in the scar to lift it up and then use a laser for the redness to dissapear and tada...perfect skin again. Cost: 300 $ but I will get 250$ back from insurance....That's why we Belgium!
  4. Don't believe that masturbation causes acne, it's bullshit. Yes it increases hormonlevel but for such a short period of time it won't have any effect on your sebum production. the top 3 of acne causing foods is: 1) Pork 2) Peanuts 3) Dairy (milk, milkchoclate, whitechoclate, yoghurt, cheese,...) yet you'll only get a breakout from it when you have an allergic reaction to one of those. no allergy = no acne. Besides: stress has way more effect on sebumlevels because stress increases the Androg
  5. Studio fix is perfect for people prone to acne, atleast in my opinion! The only bad thing about it was that it gave me the plastic doll look! Too much coverage lol!
  6. check the references some are dated back from the 70's, others from the early 90's. Doesn't seem that long ago but in the cosmetic industry even 2 years is alot!
  7. Here is my story: I had moderate acne and tried everything: BP, Antibiotics, Vit A, Differin,...nothing seemed to work. Then I started studieng the ingredients on products and let me tell you: I use A LOT of products daily going from: clay cleansers, AHA cleansers, Mois, toner, Hydroquinone, Retinol,... And my skin is babybutt soft, babysmooth and glowing like it never has. The problem are not the products, the problem are the people that buy products at random!
  8. Before! This way it can penetrate better + the Moist will make sure you don't overdry.
  9. I'll quote Paula from Paula's choice There is a great deal of current research showing that hydrogen peroxide is problematic as a topical disinfectant because it can greatly reduce the production of healthy new skin cells (Source: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, September 2001, pages 675–687). Hydrogen peroxide is also a significant oxidizing agent, meaning that it generates free-radical damage. While it can function as a disinfectant, the cumulative problems that can stem from impacting t
  10. PCA skin Phaze 13 with HQ should do the trick! If you can't handle HQ then go for the version without HQ, it still contains Kojic, L-ascorbic and Azaleic acid
  11. Loads of crap It is impossible that acne comes back more severe after AB! Secretly the bacteries multyplied behind your back?? It only looks more severe because you had clear skin before . You could never know how your skin would have evolved without the AB. Perhaps your skin would even be worse in the same period you took AB then you didn't? (you know what I mean) Your skin can't get drier due to AB, only more sun sensitive! Differin makes it drier! Go for the differin! It does wonders in
  12. It could be several of things but my guess is just irritation of the skin. just put some creme on it for dry skin to nourish it.
  13. How do you know how this persons skin was before the peel? + The after pic is in much higher and brighter light then the healing proces pictures! TCA is a great product if used correctly and even if used correctly it can do weird things to your skin (burnwounds, hypopigmentation,...) all this because TCA is a VERY UNSTABLE product! Use it wisely and don't buy it over ebay! Try your pharmacist to make it for you (mine did) or go to a reable website.
  14. Dr. L Bauman states that BHA and AHA CAN lessen the effectiveness of retinoids. However Benzoly Peroxide should never be applied under retinoids cause it makes retinoids inactive.