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  1. Sounds ridiculous. People have very little chance of making any positive progress with these kinds of suggestions
  2. I completely disagree. Fasting has been a natural part of our evolution forever. It's only a couple of years since Yoshinori Ishumi won the nobel prize for his research into autophagy (the bodies response to fasting). Food is too abundant today, you can eat every minute of the day and not run out of food and this is a huge problem. The process of autophagy never begins in a lot of people today. What I am interested in as it pertains to Accutane is what is being depleted when I fast that al
  3. Have you tried intermittent fasting. Helped me a lot with fatigue. Once you get past the hunger pangs at about 12-16 hours period I start to feel extremely alert, energetic and pain free. Then when I eat the symptoms and fatigue come flooding back. Why this happens im not entirely sure but working on finding out. There's a few good theories out there at the moment.
  4. The purpose of a Paleo diet is to eradicate sugar. If you consume sugar you won't be doing a Paleo diet. Whatever the answer to your problems is I doubt very much that it's sugar. Where did you hear about the low vitamin A diet? I think you were on the right track with that. I think you could use some guidance from a professional or something but your symptoms are very similar to mine.
  5. Well it's not all that surprising that doctors have put patients on Vitamin A but I think they are wrong for doing so. If/when GG's theory gets more exposure (which it is gradually) then it could change opinion on Vitamin A. There's no confusion for me, I prefer to go with the opinion of somebody who has studied vitamin A in depth, written two books on the subject, lived on a zero vitamin A diet for 3 years and cured himself of all kinds of illness. I myself have been on a low vitamin
  6. An engineer called Grant Generaux has written two ebooks on the topic of Vitamin A poisoning and he has a chapter on Isotretinoin. The work that Dr Garrett Smith does is based on the work of GG. I have mentioned this on the this thread several times. If you want to know about this theory then check out his ebooks. He makes a very compelling case
  7. It's not for the rest of your life and it's not just the foods that Grant eats. Do a bit more research. Read some of his work
  8. Thats really great to hear. I feel like I have plenty of issues to resolve and depleting the excess vitamin A which is stored in my body is just the beginning of the healing process. I've always had this feeling that something is blocking my natural healing process but I could never make sense of it. I think that's the hardest thing to come to terms with concerning post accutane side effects, Why can't my body heal and overcome these issues in the way that it is designed to. Grants vitamin A hyp
  9. Hi Ralf, good to hear your story and that you are seeing improvements. A lot of what you say makes sense but some of the information out there is misleading. Personally I think it would help you to look at the work of Grant Generaux on Vitamin A as a toxin. He makes an extremely compelling case that Vitamin A is actually not a vitamin, not essentially to life. In fact it's the opposite, it's a poison. His theory suggests that even people who have never taken accutane may well be suffering from a
  10. Doctors may well have put patients on Vitamin A post Accutane but to what end? I don't now why they would do that and it won't improve anything. I have taken an extremely high dose Vitamin A medication in Isotretinoin and it has left me with plenty of side effects which match those of Vitamin A toxicity. The last thing im ever going to do is take Vitamin A. I am making real but gradual improvements on a vitamin A depletion protocol
  11. I think you're on the right track with the fasting. It's the one thing that has helped me the most. I fast and I only weigh 60kg but I still see benefits. Weight loss is obviously not one that im looking for. One reason fasting could be so beneficial to us is that it allows for vitamin A depletion from the liver and adipose tissue. You might find this a contradiction as most people here believe in a post accutane vitamin A deficiency. I personally believe it's vitamin A toxicity. Good luck
  12. I have already. Two weeks FMT at the Taymount Clinic in the UK. Didn't improve a thing. Right on man, you're on the right track on a vitamin A deplete diet. It takes a long time to deplete your levels though. Cholestyramine can help speed up the process. Dr Garrett Smith has furthered the work of Grant Generaux and designed a low Vitamin A diet. Contact his secretary to get the information. No direspect to anyone here but in light of the work of GG and Dr Smith I really would not supp
  13. Yes I definitely have these issues. Particular floaters, dry eyes, photophobia and loss of night vision. I've had these issues for at least 4 years since taking Accutane. My vision is 20/20. I can't see floaters getting better. They are lumps of collagen floating around in the vitreous with no place to go. Posterior vitreous detachment is a natural deterioration of the eyes which happens in the natural process of ageing and this often leads to floaters. Maybe Accutane speeds up this process?
  14. Its called 16/8. 16 hour fast mostly overnight. 8 hour window for eating through the day. I still do it now most days. I've had too many symptoms to mention after accutane but most of the common ones. Fatigue, brain fog and headaches lasting for weeks which I now believe were most probably intracranial hypertension. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28017254 I'd get flares of inflammation throughout my body lasting for weeks and best described as a Fibromyalgia type condition.
  15. Im a fan of fasting, particularly intermittent fasting, something like 16 and 8. It's definitely helped me through some hard times. Any one that's interested should check out the process of autophagy, some guy won the nobel prize for his work on autophagy. I would recommend Dr Jason Fung's books and YouTube videos to learn about fasting. There is a film that came out last year too which is good. I do wonder why fasting has helped me so much much and now im starting to think it helped me deplet