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  1. Yeah, I'm using a merle norman moisturizer, comes in lotion-type. I've thought about switching moisturizers to reduce shine but I don't know any good products. Any suggestions? And no, my moisturizer doesn't contain SPF.
  2. Does anyone have that shine after they moisturize? I moisturize and then it looks like my forehead mass produces oil. I have friends who either just water wash their face or do nothing, and their skin looks fine. Does anyone know if cutting out moisturizer out of my regimen is stupid? Or is it just my moisturizer? The shiny part really ticks me off and I'd appreciate any tips on how to de-shine.
  3. I think you mean break, but good luck with it. It's an ass, the world's an ass.
  4. I went through the exact same thing, when I got it I felt like a little kid on christmas eve ... or a fat kid opening a completely untouched cheesecake. Take your pick.
  5. Which Canadian store did you go to? I live in B.C. and have no idea where I can to get cheap Sea Salt.
  6. I was told that warm water could cause wrinkles.
  7. I have one. I remember in around 8th or 9th grade, we have this thing called explore where we go out into the wilderness and become one with the nature. Or so they called it. Anyway, we were stuck there for around 5 days and I had six huge pimples on the head, three on one side, three on the other. Since I was so young, I picked at literally everything and surprise, they scabbed. So I came back to school with six huge scabs on my forehead. I looked like bloody Krillian from Dragonball Z. It was
  8. I'm using 2.5% BP and one finger of Neutrogena on the spot. I just asked my dad and he said I might have been rubbing too close to the eye, so I'm giving it a shot by leaving an inch of space. Anyway, thanks for the help. And I'll keep the Tea tree oil in mind.
  9. I clean pretty close, but that's never been a problem for me. The rest of my skin is just really dry and looks to be slightly wrinkled and flaking, which is really creeping me out. However I've also only been on the Regimen for a week. I'm guessing that has something to do with it?
  10. Whenever I apply BP, I get a puffy eye. Not two puffy eyes, but just one. My right one, to be exact. I have no idea why it does this. Is it because I'm allergic? Is it because I'm too dry? I peel and flake around my inner cheeks, mouth, and temples. But I have this puffy right eye, like when you have a double eyelid and it just turns into a one eyelid? It only goes away after a while and even then, it could still come back. Am I allergic to BP? Could someone please shine some light on my situati
  11. You could also try blotting your face, it might absorb some of the oil.
  12. Do you know of any way to cut the time short? I don't really have that much time to take two showers a day, I can only do one and even then, it only lasts about 15 minutes.
  13. Would you care to elaborate on how you cured your bacne?