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  1. Sorry if its a repeat, but do fish oil supplements help while on the regimen? Anyone notice any improvements? Thanks!
  2. Ive been on the regimen for 4 years and i got clear while cleansing, using bp, and moisturizing every morning and night. To make things short, I still remained clear after barely using bp in the morning, but this past summer i decided to stop doing the regimen completely and after the second week, i started getting small bumps on my face. Ive been getting acne ever since and I feel that the regimen isnt working anymore I guess getting off the regimen affects us differently.
  3. Hello Ive been on the regimen for about 4 years. I got a new batch of Dans BP about two weeks ago and I noticed that it smells different, it makes my eyes sting for some reason, takes longer to dry, and its been making my skin flaky. I bought two 16 oz. bottles and I dont want my skin to be like this for months to come -_- What could be the reason for this?
  4. Ive never been allergic to anything. Im kinda scared to switch to something new haha, that 2% bha gel seems interesting. Do you still cleanse and moisturize after you use it? Its just frustrates me knowing that Dans regimen has worked great for me, but now isnt working the same. I feel dumb for thinking I grew out of acne, im barely 18 lol. Ive heard of this BP 'rebound' effect, where if you stop using it, you get worse acne, but I dont know if its true? I guess Ill have to wait it out.
  5. Ive been using Dans regimen for about 4 years and I got my face to clear up completely. For the first two years I used BP morning and night, but then got tired of it so I stopped using it in the morning. I switched to spot treating in the morning and still used it at night. It worked fine and I stayed clear. BUT...Last August I went on vacation to Mexico for about 9 days. Well it wasnt really a vacation because I went visit family and they live in an old school ranch lol. Anyway, my main concern
  6. There was a point when I couldnt find the right moisturizer and I had a flaky face. Then I started using Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. It works great because its kinda thick, but it also leaves my face shiny. I even add jojoba oil at night and works even better. I rarely get flakes now, even if i do, its always a little and are able to rub off easily.
  7. Hello, I havent been to the message board in a while so Im not sure if this has been mentioned already. Ive been using Dans BP for over 3 years now and its been working great. About a month ago, I ordered more BP and when I used it, I noticed something was different. It actually kinda felt like it burns/stings my face. It leaves white residue on my face. And it feels like its not dry when it is. I gave it a month to see if maybe my face would get used to the stinging? but it feels the same. I h
  8. Which moisturizer do you guys use while on the regimen that doesnt make your face so shiny? ive tried others and ive been using cetaphil moisturizing lotion since eucerin was discontinued, but they make my face shiny. Im entering senior year in high school and i want to get rid of the shinyness.
  9. why does BP feel thicker everytime i get a new bottle? especially the BP from the 16oz. bottle.
  10. yeah thats happening to me too! ive been on the regimen since January of 2006 and ive only used BP at night and it worked fine for me. but over the summer i went to my cousins house and stayed there for 2 weeks. and i only used BP like 6 times. 2 weeks after i come back home and back on the regimen, i start breaking out. and still till this day, im getting new pimples! i havent changed my regimen or anything, i dont know whats going on but its pissing me off.
  11. Dans BP bleaches my hairline, but does nothing to my eyebrows. I get a little BP on them by accident, but i dont know what would happen if you actually put BP on them.
  12. i used to use it twice a day then changed and started to use it once a day and its fine.
  13. does anyone know if white chocolate causes acne? i knoww i knowwww they say what you eat doesnt matter, but its obvious that for some people chocolate causes acne.
  14. is it still going to work after being frozen?
  15. i dont even measure with a finger, i just put as much as i need. sometimes i put more BP than other times.