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  1. Same here. Enjoy your dry skin. Do you want your skin to become oily again and break out?? If you have a dry skin, all you need to do is to moisturize. However, when you have a oily skin, there is not much you can do. You should feel fortunate that your skin stays dry.
  2. I disagree. Accutane inhibits oil production. It is very possible that the follicle dries out. With no lubrication, hair is more susceptable to fall out. Overdosing decreases energy into hair growth?? I don't know about that.
  3. I work at a school cafeteria. Although we cook different foods, students are just crazy for fatty, greasy, fried, buttered foods. After serving thousands of students daily, watching their food selection, and observing their skin conditions, it is very safe to say that greasy foods do not cause acne; most students who eat french fries and burgers everyday have a very clear skin. I have seen alot of vegetarians who have some terrible skin too. From what i have observed, there is very little or no
  4. No, I am quite serious. Choose an option on the poll first, I will elaborate later. This is not a joke. According to Asian medicine, acne is related to gastrointestinal disorders (such as constipation, diarrhea, and other more serious conditions). When you have constipation, you are not eliminating feces. So what is happening to residual feces? It stays in your intestine and ferment, producing 'toxic' chemicals which ultimately enters your bloodsteam. Your body eliminate these toxic che
  5. Lactic is an alpha-hydroxy acid, just like glycolic.. In my experience, it does not do a thing.
  6. Moisturizing makes my skin break out. Period. I have tried every mostiruzer out there, nothing works for me. Also, it makes my skin greasy. It may say non-allergenic, non-pore clogging, oil-free.. blah blah blah blah... They are all greasy.. If your skin does not feel or look dry, you don't need to moisturize.
  7. frozen fish... eww.. contains more toxins. That sounds right to me. Anyway, what exactly is bad about mercury besides it being toxic? the bigger the fish.. the more mercury it has.. IE>> swordfish, tuna, mackeral.. all have high amount of mercury.. They are alive longer thus they absorb more mercury.. small fish like grey sole, turbot, skate, catfish, tilapia, and flounder, among others contain far less mercury. How does frozen fish contain more of these mysterious "tox
  8. Yes and No.. Now I have almost clear (with few bumps) skin. No matter what I do (such as not eating healthy, not washing the face for 2 days, touching my skin), it stays clear. But when I used to have bit pimples and cysts, any form of irritation (touching my skin, coarse grain scrub, harsh soap) worsened my acne and even got me new pimple.
  9. Please 'search' for more info on accutane. and Your derm knows what he's doing.
  10. You may need 0.05% tretinoin instead of 0.025%. 0.025% tretinoin cream didn't anything to my skin; too weak.
  11. I don't think there is nothing too unnatural about Accutane. It is a Vitamin-A with a minor structural difference. Just like B5 treatment, you megadose this vitamin A derivative. Anyways.. I do not know where you come from, But if you are living in or near a large city, you will definitely find a Chinese or Korean medical clinic. Give it a try. With accupuncture and herbal medication, they will bring the endorine system into balance (controlling hormone levels). Plus, according to Asian medici
  12. I get those all over my forehead when my skin is oily. I think those are clogged pores. Basically, any medication that dries your skin (not excessively) and promotes skin turnover should solve the problem. That includes retin-A, benzoyl peroxide, and accutane. These bumps are not as stubburn as other forms of skin defect such as blackheads and cysts. All medications that I mentioned work beautifully for me. I would try Vikster's method. That is what I do, too.
  13. Water does not do a shit for my acne. I have been drinking alot of water ever since I was born. And now I drink 1 gallon of water everyday. My skin still breaks out. What I need is some topical retinoid and glycolic acid. What has worked for you does not necessarily works for other people. I am sorry, but there is no cure for acne that is universally accepted. But I am glad that water has improve your skin condition.
  14. I like isotrexin (or sotret), which basically is a topical accutane. It has worked beautifully for me, treating post-accutane breakouts.
  15. I am not too sure about high altitudes, but low temps may help. Excess oil causes acne, and your oil glands produce more oil upon high temperature