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AHHH IT SMELLS SO GOOD. THE FEELS. THE FEEEEEEEELS. Aside from that, it's a very non-greasy sunscreen. A little pricier than I like, but really not bad. The sun protection is great and the feel of it is super soothing.

By yesrielee,

Updating this to be 4 stars!
This foundation is above average, but doesn't quite have the mattifying effect that I'm looking for. My skin frequently gets oily by the end of the day, and this foundation melts off easier. It is indeed matte right when it goes on, but requires a couple of layers for full coverage. That said, as a comparison between this one and Clinique Acne Solutions liquid makeup, GO WITH THIS ONE. You get the same amount of product at a much cheaper price, with a better coverage (I got some random small rai

By yesrielee,