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  1. WEEK 5 & 6 -12/1/03 Well, there really isn't any active acne on my face anymore. If I look reaaaaal hard I could maybe find a few tiny ones, but what's the point?? Even if I eat crap food where I would always break out worse it seemed, I still stay clear. All I have to worry about now is fading the red marks from leftovers, and hoping that this stays effective in the summer/humid months. My face isn't really dry per-se but it still flakes alot, I try to keep moisturized though. To a
  2. i just started my fourth week of taz on monday. i went into with a patient outlook and that has helped me. a few times my face was "this" close to being free of active zits and then i would breakout, but not like i used to. each breakout has been less and less and i don't breakout in the spots i had already broken out while on taz. this supports that it is actually cleaning out the pores. i've gotten great results and am only expecting even more improvement. keep at it, it's amazing stuff.
  3. WEEK 4 - 11/17/03 So the start of week 4 and I can say I'm pretty happy. I still have a few problem spots that are healing. The good thing is if I get a new zit, it will die and clear up in a few days and not hang around before. The first few weeks I seemed to break out in a spot, clear, and then breakout in a different spot. I assume this was due to my pores unclogging. Also, since I usually go out and have fun on the weekends I would almost always breakout mon/tuesday. Seems like t
  4. WEEK 3: 11/10/03 So the start of week 3. Well, I broke out at the beginning of week two, but a TON has cleared. My forehead was a mess and now I just have the monster one left over that is improving, but slowly. My jawline was horrible and now I can actually turn my head without it hurting my face looks a lot better but I know it is still early and have some work to do. Very upbeat about this though as my face isn't irritated hardly at all by the tazorac cream and it seems to be workin
  5. So I quit the acne cure since I wasn't seeing any results and began TAZORAC. I know it takes a while to start seeing improvement but I wanted to start a journal to keep track for myself and maybe if anyone else was interested. --------------- WEEK 1: 10/27/03 - Started tazorac. During the week noticed no drying the first 5 days and improvement of existing acne. Had some very tiny whiteheads popup which went away in a day. Drying started on day 6 and was pretty bad. Started to flak
  6. Well, I started Taz cream .1% two nights ago. I heard it was super drying/peeling. So far my face has felt even less dry than using BP 2.5% Does it just take longer or what? I heard of people waking up the next day peeling already. Anyone?
  7. so i started on tazorac cream .1% last night. i know they say to use a pea size drop all over but i tried that and tried to dot my face all over and then spread it in, but since i break out pretty much everywhere that was near impossible to get it applied to everywhere. another thing, my face this morning isn't irritated in the least. even less so than if i were using BP. is it ok to use a pea sized amount for my face and then use another smaller amount for my jaw/neck which is bad? thanks.
  8. - 10/23/03 Well, there has definitely been NO improvement in sight. In my third week. I'm going to have some tazorac on hand either mon or tues and going to start on that. Really dissapointed in this. I may keep up with the icing occasionally and glycolic occasionally.
  9. i use aloe vera "fruit of the earth" gel, the stuff alot of people use on their faces. i find it works just as good if not better than the "made for hair" types. i got the idea from the back of the bottle.
  10. -10/22/03 Ahh, what do you know.. more new zits. My forehead is a mess, my temple nodules are back along with above my eyebrows. Not to mention around my mouth and cheeks. I haven't been touching much and don't plan on popping unless they are a good whitehead. It's been two weeks and all I have gotten is WORSE. Luckily my dad is a doc and can send some tazorac to me in a couple of days. I'm going to try that as long as I'm this bad.
  11. -10/21/03 Well, new zits are coming every day almost it seems. Still keeping hope since I haven't even started the third week. Going to try some proactive laying around if I don't see real improvement by the 4th week.
  12. -10/20/03 I knew this would happen as soon as I said I was improving!!! Argh, had another little breakout. One on my left temple. Two behind both ears. And a couple more in my shaving zone underneath my jaw. So far, it doesn't seem as bad as the last one and it hasn't even been two weeks yet so I'm still keeping hope. Going to try my best not to touch them. This all happened yesterday and I was just thinking - "Wow, I haven't broken out above my mouth/jaw area in a while.
  13. -10/19/03 Well, face seems to definitely be improving. I started using glycolic along with salyclic in the shower as well so I will let you all know how that goes. No huge new breakouts, just here and there and my face definitely hurts alot less. Gonna keep it up and hopefully continue improving.
  14. - 10/17/03 Well, my girlfriend commented that my face looked a little better. I didn't notice it looked too different, but it definitely hurt less. Maybe it is adding the aloe that helps that. I finally got the aqua glycolic toner in the mail so i'm going to use that instead of the cream for a while (the cream felt really thick). i haven't noticed any "new" ones since the first bad breakout so hopefully i will heal and go from there. keeping my fingers crossed. the one above my eye is st