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  1. Hmmm I'm intrigued...

    1. Aw thank you =) It's for people who need cheering up I write such things. P.S. You would find that hot? Enjoy the pain do we? ;)

      1. p.s. I'm glad your picture is back up, forgot how pretty you are.

        1. And that's the response of a misogynist who thinks he's cool. I'm so freaking tired of self-described "good guys" whining about how under appreciated they are by the opposite sex. Guess what: women who say all they want is a "good guy" aren't giving you all the details. Your definition of "nice guy" probably isn't the same as hers. I agree with you. It goes both ways. Yes women whine about wanting a good guy. But guys whine about being a good guy that isn't appreciated by women. I'
        2. Aww, no more gallery :(

          1. www.google.co.uk

            Use it.

            1. Syclla was some pussy rock monster, Charybdis desroyed everyone with whirlpools! Also, it began with a C. I'm trying to leave Calibos behind, it's not who I am anymore ;)

              1. My post wasn't meant to be cruel in any way, but I just find it ironic that women always bitch and moan that they wish they could just met a kind, generous guy who isn't an asshole, and then when you find one, you can't give him the same courtesy.
              2. Happy birthday Cecelia, hope you have a good one x =]

                1. Sorry, that was meant to say "Suzy Rondelle deleted them all". I have no idea how she did it :S

                  1. He didn't care about your skin, he cared about you. Congratulations on throwing it all away because you're too stubborn and insecure to tell him what was really going on. Don't call him back, he deserves better.
                  2. Masturbation is the one and only cause of all types of acne, ever! And breathing. To clear your acne, stop wanking and stop breathing.
                  3. My face started to bug me, so I removed my avatar.

                    And my galleries.

                    1. That is a shame, I will miss masturbating to your pictures.
                    2. You should, I love it when you stop by, didn't know you still come on here, how are you?

                      1. I see nothing but an attractive young girl, clearly i'm not the only one who thinks so either, take pride in your appearance AJ, you look great!

                        1. you're too hard on yourself.

                          1. Or perhaps better? ;)

                            1. This will earn me no man points whatsoever, but i've done some photo shoots and i've found that if you lightly spray your eyes (obviously when they're closed) with hairspray, that eyeliner will literally stick to your face and hold for hours, though it is a motherfucker to wash off. I've never found it interfere with my skin but for caution try and avoid spraying the entire area of your face, try this. 1. First, apply the first coat as usual (haven't used liquid as I find it too runny, so thes
                            2. I would also like to agree.

                              1. Pffft. Whatever you say.. I'm glad you agree, you are very hot amykins.
                              2. I think you should, smoking is cool Also, it has anti inflammic properties so it does technically, in a way, help your skin. Though it does give you pretty aggressive cancer, but not for ages.