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  1. What happened? Did this member die?

  2. *has a poo on Ryans carpet*

  3. I miss Calibos.

  4. Where are you man?!

  5. haha yeah, it's funny how quitting can be so hard considering I haven't even posted here that long. by the way..seriously.

    .your posts are sooo fucking hilarious

  6. Hmmm I'm intrigued...

  7. Aw thank you =) It's for people who need cheering up I write such things. P.S. You would find that hot? Enjoy the pain do we? ;)

  8. I just came across your post this morning on body mods and laughed my ass off. Oh man! After one shitty week it was just what I needed! PS, I think that kind of a hug would be HOT!

  9. p.s. I'm glad your picture is back up, forgot how pretty you are.

  10. yeah, I got rid of everything because I was going to try and quit the org..but that clearly failed..haha. this site is too addicting. what happened to your lovelyy pictures? i didn't recognize the new name at first, but I like it

  11. And that's the response of a misogynist who thinks he's cool. I'm so freaking tired of self-described "good guys" whining about how under appreciated they are by the opposite sex. Guess what: women who say all they want is a "good guy" aren't giving you all the details. Your definition of "nice guy" probably isn't the same as hers. I agree with you. It goes both ways. Yes women whine about wanting a good guy. But guys whine about being a good guy that isn't appreciated by women. I'