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  1. Thanks guys. My acne is not bad at all just now, that was my point. I mainly just have red marks. Occasionally it flares up but the duac and antibiotics keep it under control and it is getting better with age anyway. I wouldn't touch accutane, it may be very effective but my skin isn't bad enough IMO to take the risks associated with it. As i said, i am using DUAC, but i think i will ask my derma to switch me to Epiduo, so that i am getting the benefits of BP with retino- A.
  2. hi Guys, Looking for some advice. I have had acne for about 8 years, it times it has been bad enough to be considered severe but its been predominantly moderate. I am now 22 and it is getting slightly better with age, it was at it's worst when i was 16 or so. I have undergone treatment with tonnes of antibiotics, currently seeing a derm and i'm on erythromicin and duac, i cleanse with a tea tree glycerine soap and apply salcura antiac as a tonner (the original one). My skin doesn'
  3. so should i consult my gp and ask for a derma referral to see about laser treatments? Or would i be as well giving them a few months and using an AHA/BHA cream in the mean time? I was going to buy the skin doctor resurfacing cream, has anyone tried it?
  4. Hi, I have had acne for around 8 years, generally i'd consider it moderate, occasionally it got worse or better and i used DUAC to control it. I never committed to a proper treatment plan until lately and have gone on 100mg doxy plus duac and diferin gel. Anyway, the acne is now clearing up and i have only mild scarring, most of which i hope will fade. After that i might see a dermatologist for a peel or laser on the NHS (i'm in the uk). I do however, have a load of post acne red
  5. Hi Guys, I've read this forum for years but never actually joined it until now! I've had acne since i was around 13-14, it varied in severity but always remained present, normally i would class sit as "moderate". Over the years i have tried several treatments, which have had varying degrees of success but nothing ever cleared it up. A few years ago, i went to a derma, who put me on duac and doxy, this combination worked well and i began to see results. However, i had a bad reaction to th