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  1. Today I went to the doctors about my skin. I ment my grandfather in the waiting room, who commented that my face was a mess. Immediately I wanted to run home and hide (any bravado I'd managed to work up going there without make up was instantly shot down). Anyways. The doctor took a look, and said that the acne wasn't going to go away on it's own without medicine. She prescirbed me an oral antibiotic and a gel for nighttime. I'm returning next week for a blood test. This might seem completel
  2. Thank you! I haven't tried any natural pills, I'm inclined to go that way first before taking any prescription medicine, although I have given in and gone to the doctors today. Again, thank you for the well wishes, I'm keeping as positive as possible. We'll all get there I'm sure
  3. Hello! My name is Ellie, and as this is my first blog post I'm going to share a little bit about myself and my skin. I'm 23 years old (soon to be 24 - boo ) and I have moderate acne. It started about three weeks after I turned 19, up until that point I'd had clear skin my whole life. It came in patches around my cheeks, the right hand side being the worst. Silly teenage me decided to take the pill to try and fix her acne. I used Dianette for 2 years and it cleared up a treat. Aft
  4. I've been using a moisturiser in the Vichy range. Aqualia Thermal I think it's called - it's non comedogenic and paraben free. It's not formulated specifically for acne though.