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  1. Same problem with the oil. I love the oil absorbing sheets, but they don't work long enough. And I don't know if tissue does the same thing. I feel like I have to use a lot more for almost the same result. Bleh.
  2. I used it because I really needed to calm down my red irritated acne. It calmed it down, but I still needed a regimen, so I switched to Murad. But Eucerin was really good for calming my skin when I needed it.
  3. I used to be on these boards a lot (thanks for those years of support), and I just thought I'd share that Murad's regimen has worked for me. I know it hasn't worked for a lot of people, but I always liked it when people posted their skin types and what has worked for them. Anyways, my skin type was very oily, and my acne was really inflamed, and on my cheeks and forehead sometimes...and after using Eucerin for awhile (which cleared up the redness but not the acne) I used Murad and it pretty mu
  4. What do people think of the Murad vitamin thinger? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002YLWS...e&n=3760911
  5. I forgot who told me, but I looked it up and it said it here, along with to avoid alcohol astrigents http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginf...pdi/202574.html
  6. I know you shouldn't use salicylic acid while on tretinoin, but what about alcohol astrigents?
  7. I used to use this oxy thing that was like make up in the way it would cover up your pimple by adding your skin color to it, but also fight the pimple at the same time. I'm sure there's a lot of stuff like this, but I haven't found the oxy one on sale anymore, so do people here have other recommendations? Anything would be a big help.
  8. or someone take pictures?
  9. Sorry I assumed you were tanning deliberately. It's just that there are so many people on this board that are and insist it's not doing anything bad to their skin provided they are "safe" about it. To answer your question, Retin-A does increase the skin's sloughing off process which can make a tan go away faster, but I don't see why you would get a blotchy face and neck provided you don't spot treat. Also, since you're being continually exposed to the sun, it sounds like you're continually ta
  10. Well I work outside, so I really have no choice. I used a 55 spf and do put it on the right way, so I am protecting myself. I just don't want my skin to get all blotchy
  11. I did this only twice...once on my chest, which did a good job of making it making it less noticable, and once on my forehead, which didn't make it go away, but it dried it enough that it went away quicker. i didn't mind because my hair covers my forehead
  12. hmm, i hope it keeps getting better this week
  13. well i tried the 100% natural aloe vera gel, still am, and it doesn't seem to moisturize me at all, unless a plop a lot of it on but then i think it dries over my skin. no idea no idea. i think i'm going to try the Kiss My Face moisturizers
  14. that's all if feels like it's doing for me too! i mean, some nights it'll feel like i absorbed it all (it seems like i can only absorb things into my skin while i'm sleeping because when i'm not i get greasy and oily), but most of the time it feels like it just sits there on my face then i start getting greasy, and i'm not putting too much on... also, i heard tretinoin makes the skin tone uneven after you've used a rub on tan...but what about a natural tan? does it make your skin blotchy then
  15. thanks for putting a log up
  16. that sounds complicated...i'm trying to stop sing acne prone products and just use soap and moisurizers that everyone else does. if that doesn't work out i'll look into what you suggested, thanks
  17. Yeah, it feels like moisturizers do clog my pores, but I need something to help repair my skin after exfoliation or else I get really flaky the next day...and oily. I rather just be oily, well, I would rather by just dry....but that never works out now does it :\
  18. wait, if the vitamin a and e lotion contain retinol (vitamin A), does that mean i shouldn't wear it in the sun?? or is that just for tretinoin and retin a?
  19. Wait, I heard somewhere that tretinoin makes raised scars worse? Is that true?
  20. The vitamin A and E moisturizer actually looks really interesting, http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/brow....jsp?id=KF-1003 vitamin a, e and aloe vera? sounds too good and this doesn't sound to bad either http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/brow....jsp?id=KF-1001 anyone have any experience with these??
  21. i think i'm going to go with aloe gel http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/cvs/gateway/deta...el^ActiveCat=65
  22. I was looking around the store for a moisturizers best used after exfoliation that will help repare and heal the skin and not cause new acne, and thought I'd check with you guys first. I was thinking of something along the lines of....something with vitamin e in it? Anyone have any suggestions?