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  1. survivalandbliss

    Theraclear (Alternative Acne Treatment)

    Omg, yes! Same exact thing as Acleara! I'm SO glad you told me that. There's way more info and testimonials out there about Acleara than there is for Theraclear, so I guess Theraclear is just a knock-off?? Same thing though. I hate taking meds too, and part of the reason I won't use Retin-A (besides the horror stories of dryness and flaking) is because I am thinking of possibly having a baby within the next year, so I want to go as natural as possible with my treatments. I have pretty mild ac
  2. survivalandbliss

    Theraclear (Alternative Acne Treatment)

    Thanks for your response! I have actually read those reviews, but the blogger in the first link clearly has makeup on / airbrushing in her after photos. I wanted to see clearer, more realistic results! And as for the second link, while the blogger posts clear pictures, she lives in Singapore. That doesn't really matter all that much, but it seems that most of the reviews are from people in other countries which is a little weird to me. If this is such a great system and my derm has treated all t
  3. Hi, all, Has anyone heard of, used, or spoke with someone who has used Theraclear? I went to a new dermatologist back in February and he recommended it because it supposedly has no side effects and is not medicinal. I thought about it and decided against it. Then yesterday, I went to the same office but saw a different derm and she highly recommended it, saying that they currently treat many patients in their office with this machine, have seen great results with it, there's nothing to be sca
  4. survivalandbliss

    Week 4 Optimus Prime-R...

    Hey, Came across your posts when I was searching for info about Dan's cleanser. Just want to say that your skin does not look bad _at all_. Based on what I've been reading about over the past several years, many adult females do have acne even though it seems like most people we see have flawless skin. I have mild acne and while I definitely feel like my self confidence can flounder at times because of it, I have to remind myself that I have a ton more to offer than what my skin looks like. So
  5. Oh, boy. So, I'll start by saying that I am writing mostly out of desperation--definitely out of frustration. I'm just returning from yet another visit to yet another dermatologist, and am no closer to clarity . . . A bit of context: I've been using the Proactiv three-step system for about 14 years now. I started by using all three steps, and have stopped using the third step maybe seven years ago? Now I just use the cleanser and toner. I think I have a pretty mild case of acne, though I