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  1. Hi, I have redness on both my cheeks that is accompanied by extreme itchiness and dryness. I wash my face at night with a very gentle cleanser and then put on oil-free hypo-allergenic moisturizer. My skin is itchy every day and the redness keeps getting worse. Is there anything I can put on it to reduce the redness and itchiness? Pictures: http://i.imgur.com/6qJ0U.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mOeV2.jpg
  2. Hi, I'm looking to see if anyone can help me identify what is causing this. I'm 23 years old. I have been getting inflammation on my cheeks that is incredibly itchy and in turn makes my skin very red when I merely rub my hand against it. I get bumps and almost a scaly feel to my skin. I have always had skin problems, and was on Accutane twice in the past, but only had mild side effects. Just recently I've been having this redness and extreme itchiness that is unbearable. I have been to my d
  3. "Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around" - Vanilla Sky One of my favourite movies, I recommend it.
  4. Hi, I'm currently in my 3rd year of university, majoring in Psychology and i took a course last year that covered mental health disorders, including depression of course. I feel that I could be diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder as I have most of the symptoms and its persisted for a long time as well. This relates to acne because, if acne is causing my depression (which i am certain it is because i've only been depressed since i started having trouble with my acne) then how do you trea
  5. Hi i just was wondering if i was the only one who felt like this happens to them... When i have a derm appointment lined up (which takes a LONG time from the day i call in to the actual appointment), i feel that for that one day my skin gets a bit better so that my derm doesnt prescribe the treatment that i think i need... She prescribes something not that strong that never works for me, but the moment i leave the office, my skin goes back to its normal shittiness and she cant see it how it is
  6. Hi can anyone tell me what I should use on this type of acne, ive been using oxy pads for sensitive skin and ive been on every topical regimen imaginable... please give me advice thank you picture: http://s190.photobucket.com/albums/z83/pet...nt=HPIM1158.jpg
  7. Hi ive had acne trouble for awhile, and my neck hasnt been a sore spot for me until now... ive been getting breakouts on my neck recently and theyve been really itchy.. so wheneve i even touch it or rub it slightly it gets inflamed and red i cant take this anymore, ive been self conscious and depressed for so long because of my acne but this has made it worse... everyday at some point my neck is pulsing red and has bumps everywhere any ideas on what i can use? anything besides benzoyl peroxid
  8. Hey, just wanted to know what you guys listen to or watch when you're feeling down or want to cheer up or anything... right now ive been really into Damien Rice and i can relate to the lyrics in a way... His song "Rootless Tree" is one of my favourites right now, and this live version I saw on youtube is really emotional and an amazing performance... also at 3:20 in the song its the most emotional and heartbreaking part for me The song is about a relationship, but I relate it to my acne s
  9. recently ive been getting into this song by Damien Rice called "Rootless Tree"... i know its about a relationship, but i kinda relate it to my acne struggles... its a bit vulgar, but it really illustrates the anger and frustration: Damien Rice - Rootless Tree (Live From Abbey Road) - This live version is amazing, you can see the intensity in his face at 3:20... its like hes given all he can and nothings worked (exactly how i feel with my acne) anwayss herre are the lyrics What i want from y
  10. TML

    Help Please

    Hi, my birthday is coming up in a few days and i'm having friends who i havent seen in a couple months over... do you know what i can use on my face for red spots that i have? ive been using Aveeno Daily Calming Mosturizer every night, but it hasn't helped. Ive attached photos please give me advice Left Side Right Side Thank You
  11. I keep getting dry skin and when it itches it turns all red and flaky... this happens all the time, like when im at school i'll just get an itch there and it happens i can't live my life like this , i shy away from friendships and going out because there is no guarantee that i'll have a "good" skin day.. Is there anything I can do for this that will last?? im at the end here this has been going on for 4 years , i missed out on everything in high school, i want a chance to change now in unive
  12. TML


    ya i'm not so sure why, its aveeno mosturizer with spf15 .. i'm going to hold off on the glycolic for a bit i guess i don't know what else to do
  13. TML


    i use it every night before i go to bed.. is it too much?
  14. hi ive been using a prduct called Neo Strata cleanser with 4% glycolic acid for my red marks.. its been about 10 days and theres not been much progress, but it has made my skin very flaky and dry.. ive been applying a mosturizer after i cleanse but my skin still gets flaky.. what should i use to avoid the dryness?? and should i go up to a higher percentage of glycolic acid for my red marks? thank you
  15. oh and by the way im in canada, do they sell aqua glycolic here???