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  1. Have you tried Burt's Bees Tomato Soap? You can get it at health food stores and it works great if your skin is super oily. My daughter has had a lot of luck with it, as have many of her friends. They all use the Burts Bees Toner, too. It really takes away the oiliness, and has cleared up her skin. One of her friends was going to go on accutane, but after using the soap she doesn't need it anymore.
  2. So nobody uses this soap? There was a giant thread about it a few months ago. I guess everyone is back on the B5 bandwagon.
  3. This topic seems to come up every 6 mos or so, so there must be people here who have tried this soap. My daughter's friends use it and one of them was about to go on accutane, and now doesn't need it any more. My daughter has been on accutant twice, and the major problems are now gone, but she still has very oily skin. She didn't want to try any new stuff, because the derm has her on an glycolic acid wash, with some wipes and Duac for a topical. It's been working ok, but her face has been re
  4. I agree. Low dose of accutane could do some good.
  5. I haven't been here in a while, because my daughter finished her second course of accutane, and now looks pretty good. I'm posting because I always thought it was nice when people posted their successes afterwards. Most of the people here are fighting acne, and once they win they go away. Anyway, my daughter took accutane the first time 2 years ago, at age 14-15, for 6 months. In retrospect it wasn't that bad, as far as redness and breaking out goes. Unfortnately the acne came back, and aft
  6. My daughter is looking great, too. She finished her second course (5.5 months) about 3 weeks ago, and just keeps looking better. The redness has gone way down, and there was a small pimple at the beginning, but none lately. Her first 3-4 months were really bad. The sides of her cheeks were completely broken out, and very red. It was hard to get through, but in the end it was definitely worth it. Some guy at school even commented on her skin yesterday.
  7. FrankieBGirl, you're right. People tend to post more when they have problems, so I'm going to post about my daughter's success. This girl is so not a whiner. Some people have a lower threshhold for discomfort, shall we say, and that's why you get the complaints. Anyway, my daughter took accutane for 6 mos, looked good, started getting pimples again, got real bad, took accutane again, 1 month bad, 2 months bad, 3 months bad, 4 months started looking good, 5 months looks fantastic. She'll pro
  8. My daughter's skin didn't get better until the 4th month, so don't give up. She's on her 5th month now and looking really good. She took 60mg the whole time, and weighs about 110. I think it all depends on how oily your skin is, and how much crap is under the skin. My daughter's pores were so clogged it was ridiculous. You could see all these bumps under the skin, and obviously they're not just going to disappear. Even when she started getting better, you could still see that there were mo
  9. 17 is too young to be drinking that much anyway, eh? Good luck with the accutane.
  10. I'm not sure you can say there is a positive link. Many people who don't take accutane get joint problems. Especially the jaw thing...you can get that from clenching your teeth at night.
  11. My daughter's derm told her she would only have to do a 3 month course the 2nd time, but after 2 months it was obvious it was going to take longer. The second breakout was much worse than the 1st time. Her pores were completely clogged by the time she started the 2nd course. So it was months of breaking out before she started to clear. Now it's near the end of month 5 and she looks great. Going to winter formal. Going to a party tomorrow. Her friend did 2 courses, and after the 2nd she st
  12. Check out the pinned "Frequently asked questions." They are very helpful (and yes, the oiliness should decrease.)