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  1. Hmm, I cant seem to get my camera working. But basically they look like small white pearly goosebumps (sort of like a whitehead) surrounded by flat red rash-like skin.
  2. I am in my 8th and last month of accutane and I am getting these tiny red bumps on my body and sometimes my face. They appear to be filled with a pus-like sustance. My skin also has red patches and is very itchy. I am very clear and am confused as to why I would still be breaking out, and if this means its not working. But I am hoping it is just a rash. I am wondering if anyone is familiar with this experience and could tell me what is going on.
  3. Do you mind sending me a picture? I am just curious as to whether this is what I have
  4. Yeah I guess because water retention while you sleep makes any indents less noticeable. Would you say they have faded much over the years, or stayed largely the same?
  5. Hmm...well my red marks fluctuate wildly. They have faded a lot and some days are almost gone, but other days seem darker (like when I am flushed). So they couldnt be scars could they? As scars are unchanging...
  6. Do any of you have red marks that have faded significantly, yet has stayed permanently on your face in a dulled down form? Is it possible for the red marks to only fade up to a certain point and then stop, or do all red marks fade completely?
  7. It could be dehydrated especially since you were on Accutane...when my skin was dehydrated it was sort of like that, and paradoxically oily. What helped me was hydraulic acid (I like the Indeed brand) underneath a moisterizer (I look for moisterisers that also have hydraulic acid- I use Cereve) Hydraulic acid helps the skin absorb water so that it can balance itself. And I started only washing my face with water in order to let the skins acid barrier re-establish itself. Honestly, I don't think
  8. I have been very stressed out and had a big binge lately. =( I'm wondering if this could trigger a breakout despite the fact that I am on Accutane?
  9. Do those steps make a big difference to you?
  10. So I guess it cant be prevented then, ut bad shit keeps happening to you and you have no power to adapt to it.
  11. Can stress alone cause a full blown moderate to severe acne condition, if one eats well, sleeps well, exercises, etc? or when they say stress causes acne, do they only mean one or two pimples every once in a while, in times of stress?
  12. Not sure if others have mentioned this, but maybe the over exercising is contributing to his acne by taxing the adrenals which puts other hormones off balance. Is he getting adequate rest, sleep, play, relaxation etc? Stress, whether physical or emotional, is huge. try to get him to stop picking as that can cause scarring. also, his skin does look dry, it needs a moisturizer. Dry skin can actually make acne worse sometimes because the skin will overcompensate for the dryness by producing mo
  13. Provided there is no genetic predisposition, is there a surefire way? Is there even a genetic predisposition? That is, did people have acne before this modern era? Could it really be as simple as having a lifestyle that limits stress, bad food, and emphasizes sleep, exercise and where our hormones are balanced? Forgive my ignorance...my apologies especially extending to those who've tried everything. But acne is a disease right? Not simply a trait like having blue eyes or brown hair. Sure,